By Jim Smith, WBZ-TV

CONCORD, N.H. (CBS) – It was a northern road trip for Boston’s mayor Saturday.

Marty Walsh went to a Concord, New Hampshire apple orchard to give a pep talk to local Democrats who might be antsy about a potential Donald Trump presidency as polls in this swing state show the race tightening

“We need to make sure that we win this office,” Walsh told the gathering.

“We can’t just expect to think that Donald Trump is going to implode. I feel deep down inside of me that he can’t be elected president of the United States of America for a whole host of reasons. Number one he doesn’t respect the office.”

“There is a lot at stake in this election,” the mayor said. “We’ve never had anyone in the history of our country who on day one is able to go into that office and understand what the responsibility of being President of the United States is.”

But the reality is New Hampshire has a notorious independent streak. That’s why Clinton backers like State Rep. Mary Jane Wallner of Concord are feeling anything but complacent.

“I see the polls I hear the polls. They go up they go down we’re pretty used to it in New Hampshire,” she said.

New Hampshire State Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley paints this picture.

“I think it’s close because he’s the Republican nominee and she’s the Democratic nominee. It’s always going to be close. We are a divided country and New Hampshire’s a divided state,” he told WBZ-TV.


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