Men With Early Stage Prostate Cancer May Choose Watch And Wait Over Treatment

BOSTON (CBS) – New research may give men dealing with early-stage prostate cancer more confidence in how they decide to treat the disease.

Two new studies out of the United Kingdom suggest the chances of survival after 10 years is 99%. And that’s regardless of whether a man has surgery, undergoes radiation, or chooses to take a watch and wait approach.

Often times, treatment can lead to some severe side effects, including sexual dysfunction and bowel and bladder problems.

Right now about half of men with early stage prostate cancer choose monitoring over treatment.

Scientists say after 10 years, treatment may provide some extra survival benefit but more research is needed.

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One Comment

  1. jerry2286 says:

    Don’t believe this BS. This is just a rationalization of Obamacare’s predicted healthcare rationing.

    1. ELaw says:

      That’s funny. If you want to see health care rationing, look at insurance companies. They were doing it before Obamacare and they’re doing it to this day.

  2. Holmes says:

    More men will die with prostate cancer than from it. That’s just how it is

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