Mass. Towns Seek Emergency Water Supplies Amid Drought

ASHLAND (CBS) – The prolonged drought in Massachusetts has a number of communities looking for emergency water supplies. In the town of Ashland water levels at the reservoir are getting so low the town is reaching out to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority for help.

They are hoping to get a connection to the MWRA network through the neighboring town of Southboro to obtain at least 200,000 gallons. But it comes at a price into the thousands, according to town manager Michael Herbert who says he can dip into a reserve fund to the pay the cost.

Roy Correia, a general foreman at the town’s water treatment facility, says at least five feet around the reservoir is exposed and it won’t be long before the water could be low enough for the pumps to stop working. “If the weather continues like this and the draw continues like this, maybe a foot or two away which could be in a week or two,” he said.

Fred Laskey, executive director of the MWRA, says the Quabbin Reservoir is still at 85 percent capacity. “We have the ability to help communities around us who are stressed because of the drought,” said Laskey who has seen a 38 percent increase in demand this year.

In the meantime, the Ashland town manager says he’s seeking a total ban on outdoor water use and Roy Correia is looking ahead. “It affects our system pressures, it affects fire protection, water tanks and quality,” he says.

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  1. ed says:

    there is a big de- sal plant that brockton owns bet they could sell some water if they were smart

  2. Reporting on this left a slate of questions out that all in state should be notified of. In that the MWRA is a fluoridated supply, and coupled with MAss State Law once a fluoridated supply enters into a non – fluoridated one the local must notify in the mail , bills,news etc… all residence that fluoridated water is present. this is do to the disasters negative health impacts of fluoridated water. Then couple that with another State Policy rule set – laws etc,… that the locality will then be locked into thereafter onward maintaining fluoridation in the water supply. Many years ago the Braintree Massachusetts town meeting rejected fluoridation multiple times and the question of emergency water line to MWRA came u and town funded the emergency pipe over to it. Most towns have no such ability to connect to MWRA even if they wanted to the physical pipe line to do so does not exist , and for many others is so distant it will never exits. The fluoridation of water costs more as well, small towns with in adequate capital expenditure funding capabilities to start that never fund water supply expansion etc… will thence forth if that above fluoride scenario of being locked into it holds to be as many in the past thought it may turn into being yet couldn’t get an answer in writing from the state on it , that the layout of the protocols would lock them into funding fluoridation from thence forward may find that in they end it does lock them in and as such from the date they draw on the MWRA water supply to when they stop using it , even after that they now will see dramatic cost increases on their water supply bills to fund fluoridation of the entire water supply, This includes water on plants etc… fluoridation causes cancer, damages washing machine and all other water fixtures and appliances, The Colorado river is high in Natural Fluoride. This is much better fluoride than what is being discussed in that it is not man made fluoride. True Colorado has 2 out of 3 people in the statelet handed possibly linked to fluoride from the Colorado river which is good minerals and vitamins for human health and mental and physical development a great source of good fast flowing clean as clean can be water. But always remember it is not the same as what is being discussed in the various New England Towns that reject fluoridation of municipal water and all the horrifying impacts associate dot it. In that the Colorado River is a Natural Fluoride from the Mountains few water resources exist like it, The down side of what these folks are discussing on fluoridation is that the man made derivative fluoride they will be using is “Sodium Based Fluoride” , thats right salt based. It raises blood pressure and heart attack risks to those they don’t want the sodium. It becomes concentrated in the water when boiling spaghetti in the big pan. It will not boil out withe the evaporated water. thesis why some areas will set a summer and winter ratio of parts of water to parts of florida mixed into it. So that in summer when one drinks more the ratio of water is higher to that of flouride, versus in winter when on drinks less the fluoride level is increased in the ratio so more fluoride is added to that of each part of water. This means an Engineer will decide whats best , social medicine and not the end consumer as such whats good for one is never going to be good for the rest and all be forced to stuff it down their throats. Old better to have none, very young better to have none just like your tube of tooth paste says for those under 6 years old. etc…etc…

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