Did Tom Brady Call Into Toucher & Rich?

BOSTON (CBS) — Toucher & Rich received a curious phone call on Wednesday, one that launched a show-wide investigations that would make Mulder and Scully proud.

“Matt” called in to tell T&R that, even though it’s hilarious, they should quit picking on Julian Edelman’s obsession with Tom Brady. “Matt” said he was originally from San Diego but moved to Boston 20 years ago, and has become a big Boston sports fan. He also sounded somewhat like a local quarterback who isn’t allowed to be around his team for three more weeks.

And then there was his laugh at the end of the call. It sounded strikingly familiar to the one Tom Brady likes to toss out every once and a while when asked an awkward question.

So, was “Matt” really Brady himself? Take a listen and let us know:

The Phone Call:

The Investigation:

Several people took to Twitter to voice their opinion, with many believing that Matt was indeed Brady based on that final laugh he shared with Toucher & Rich.

And then there were those who weren’t very convinced:

Ray Allen once called the show during his stint with the Celtics under the name Walter, so anything is possible. And as Fred pointed out, Matt backwards is “Tom.”

Tom Brady does have time to kill during his suspension, so why not give a call into the top-rated morning sports shows in Boston?

Update: Toucher & Rich released the following statement on Thursday:

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One Comment

  1. jon1498 says:

    That was not Tom Brady. Even as a joke, Brady would never refer to himself as the greatest of all time.

  2. Danny says:

    Nice that you all fell for this obvious marketing gig to get people to talk about a lame A$$ sports talk show. Old as the hills

  3. Jason Richer says:

    Doesn’t sound like Brady at all to me…

  4. Eric says:

    Just ask “Matt” to call in again.

  5. Ken says:

    No way that’s Tom Brady – doesn’t sound at ALL like him. Just some PR nonsense.

  6. Big Bad Fish Man says:

    I doubt it was Brady. It sounded like him, but Brady is not one to compromise his public image with weird stunts.

  7. viccpa says:

    And as Fred pointed out, Matt backwards is “Tom.” Whaaaat?

  8. Lee Zellars says:

    For anyone with a functional brain and working ears, it’s not even close. The fact that people need to believe that’s TB’s voice pretty much says it all… Meatheads.

  9. Yee Ha says:

    …But good for ratings.

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