Colin Cowherd: Tom Brady Will Inevitably Leave Patriots, Dallas ‘Perfect’ Spot For Him

BOSTON (CBS) — Several great NFL quarterbacks have left their teams near the end of their careers in the free agency era – and as Peyton Manning and Brett Favre showed, they can still play well elsewhere. Even Joe Montana left the 49ers after four championships … Could Tom Brady eventually become the latest example?

Ask radio host Colin Cowherd, and he will tell you it is inevitable.

Cowherd, who also recently said “Brady doesn’t love [Bill] Belichick” when speaking about the quarterback/coach relationship in New England, doesn’t see the partnership lasting forever in New England. While it’s not surprising that Brady and Belichick aren’t best friends, Cowherd believes Brady’s loyalty to the Patriots will not last forever and at some point, Belichick’s staff will do what the Colts, Packers, and 49ers did with their Hall-of-Fame quarterbacks.

“[The Colts, Packers and 49ers] were not paralyzed knowing that Peyton, Brett and Joe would succeed elsewhere – briefly, but succeed elsewhere, because of their age. … What they did is, they loved Andrew Luck and they loved Steve Young, and they loved Aaron Rodgers. … In a couple of years, [Bill] Belichick can’t get paralyzed – and I’m sure he won’t – by, ‘Well, what if Tom goes and wins a bunch of games and … he’s going to [win elsewhere]. If you wait until the very end, it’s too late. To get rid of a legendary quarterback, you have to let go of him while he still has wins, stats and production left. When you let go of Peyton Manning, OK, he’s going win other places. Get over it … you’ve just got to get over it. Do you like the next guy?”

Watch Cowherd’s full reaction in the video above. As for the “next guy” in New England, Cowherd ostensibly believes that Jimmy Garoppolo can be the next Steve Young, Aaron Rodgers, or Andrew Luck and prove a worthy successor to Brady. That could have Brady, who wants to play well into his 40’s, leaving New England and playing elsewhere even before his contract expires after 2019.

“When I look at the New England Patriots’ situation, it’s like, ‘OK, it’s all about Garoppolo.’ If I’m into him, I let Tom go [in a] year, two years, and know he’s going to go somewhere and he’s going to win,” he said. “Because he’s going do, by the way, what Peyton Manning did. He’s going to have a free agent tour … Tom Brady’s going to go out there and say, ‘Who wants me? I’m going to play two more years, I’m going to make 20 million bucks, who wants me?'”

Cowherd adds that Brady will go to a team with a good roster, regardless of location. But he cites one of the league’s biggest, most high-profile locations – Dallas – as a “perfect” landing spot for Brady as a free agent. The Cowboys have an elite offensive line and talented skill players like Dez Bryant and Ezekiel Elliott, which would have Brady in a great situation to run the offense.

“What’s the only way you could get under New England’s skin? Go to Dallas, be on TV nine times a year,” Cowherd joked.

He added that Brady’s inevitable departure from the Patriots will come after winning at least one more championship. “New England’s built to win the championship this year,” he said.

Cowherd nonetheless believes strongly in Belichick’s ability to get rid of Brady earlier rather than later, which he has done with many players in his Patriots tenure. “[Belichick’s] gotten rid of great players. He’ll get rid of Brady!” he proclaimed.


One Comment

  1. Glenn M says:

    I am conflicted on if this will happen or not. I agree with Cowherd’s premise and think it is sound. But I do wonder if Kraft would prevent that from happening. I just wonder if he feels Brady is too special.

    However, Kraft is crafty (see what I did there?) and is a businessman first. Belichick is also smart. If he think Garoppolo is the guy, then he will trade Brady when he feels its the right time.

    But – Do not expect Belichick to let Brady walk away and go where ever he wants. He will instead trade Brady to some team that sends him 2 or 3 first round draft picks or something else that will be considered a steal on his part.

    It WONT happen this year because they will want to drive for the super bowl. At worst (best?) they will do a Brady/Bledsoe transition, where they keep the old star as a backup insurance and then trade him in the off season. All that assumes Belichick thinks Garoppolo is “the guy”.

  2. Who cares what Colin Cowturd has to say?

    1. Glenn M says:

      As fans we of course freak out at the thought of Brady going elsewhere. But, historically this is the reality with star quarterbacks, and given how shrewd Belichick and Kraft are you have to understand Cowhurds opinion is not unrealistic.

      And frankly, given the realistic scenario that Brady has maybe 2 to 4 good years left, if he can get three 1st round picks you have to consider that a good thing if those three players are franchise players.

  3. lizzzy321 says:

    Sorry – not going to happen. Brady has spent his entire career here. 17 years. He will play it out here and if it gets to the point that he feels he is not able to perform at the elevated level he has all along, I think he will retire. When that is, I don’t know. He’s not going to go play for the Cowboys. Jerry Jones? No. And after the other 31 teams were behind Goodell in the Deflategate fiasco, no, he’s not going to go work for any one of those other 31 teams.

    It would be nice if Garoppolo stuck around until Tom retired and was his replacement, but highly doubtful, after the ability he has shown last Sunday, that he will be satisfied with being a back up QB for long. It will be interesting to see how it plays out, but Tom Brady playing for another team, seems very far fetched to me.

  4. James Sobalvarro says:

    Lord, this man is a complete idiot….Does anyone really think that the GOAT will leave The Patriots organization to go play with that clown of an owner? LMAO!

  5. matt webb says:

    who would I want? 2 minits on the clock down by 6? jimmy is nowhere near that!!!!

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