BOSTON (CBS) – Should marijuana be legal in Massachusetts? Voters will face that question on their ballots in November.

Jim Borghesani, spokesman for the campaign to regulate marijuana like alcohol in Mass. is for legalization and State Sen. Jason Lewis, who is campaigning against legalization, debated the issue on WBZ-TV.

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The initiative would:

-Make recreational marijuana use legal for adults 21 and older
-Create a Cannabis Control Commission to oversee the industry — much like with alcohol
-Create a total marijuana tax rate of 12 percent
-Allow cities and towns to prohibit marijuana establishments by a vote

Watch: Part 1

Watch: Part 2

Watch: Part 3

Comments (8)
  1. Kenneth A. Pinette, PMHNP-BC says:

    Sen. Lewis is to say the least, full of prunes, and to say the most, a bald faced liar. I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner who treats substance abuse and in my practice alone I’ve seen more than a dozen cases of patients with chronic pain who’ve either drastically reduced or stopped opioid use in favor of cannabis use. And the vast majority get it on the black market because of poor access to the very few in-state dispensaries or they cannot afford the hundreds of dollars it takes to obtain a medical marijuana card. Why do you think the pharmaceutical opioid industry is so against legalization ? Because they can’t patent it and know it works with far fewer side effects and is a thousand times safer than opioids, with a safety profile going back over 5000 years.

    1. Raylan12 says:

      Does that old bald guy know that you are masquerading as him and claiming that legalizing drugs like pot and heroin is a good thing ?

      1. Chris Christie's Belt says:

        I don’t see anyone trying to legalize heroin except maybe big pharmacy that sells heroin like Oxycontin and lobbies to prescribe amphetamines to 3 years olds for ADD.

      2. Bert says:

        Legal Fentanyl is about 50 times stronger than heroin.

  2. Chris Christie's Belt says:

    I met Bob Lobel once, nice man. A long time WBZ sportscaster for you youngins.
    He uses medical marijuana for severe chronic pain and says it replaced several really toxic and mind numbing and addictive drugs including opioids. Bob now has to get marijuana from his daughter in Oregon where it is legal, many other people do not have this option.

    In an age when we give kids ages 3 and up Adderall which is an amphetamine and doctors can prescribe “Hillbilly heroin” Oxycontin, shouldn’t an adult with a chronic disease be allowed to purchase a plant with almost no side effects? How about for all the Iraq veterans with chronic pain and PTSD?
    What happened to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happyness?

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