By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Every year, it’s the same experience: the 9/11 anniversary comes along and we’re reminded of the incredible courage and civic-mindedness of the first responders, the hero citizens who helped others survive (some at the cost of their own lives), and the amazing sense of national unity that immediately followed, however temporarily.

Then came the crash, the realization that all of that positive stuff was the exception to the rule.

Remember all the members of Congress and their show of bipartisan unity on the Capitol steps? That was gone within weeks. It didn’t take that long for the rest of us to revert to form.

And now look at us.

Even within the relatively small groups of voters who really like Clinton or Trump, there’s a high level of disgust with this campaign. Among the large majority who aren’t thrilled with either of them, it’s off the charts.

And what’s starting to get to me is the reflexive demonization of each side by the other.

It isn’t enough for Clinton supporters to point out the glaring flaws in Trump’s temperament and experience – he has to be cast as a neo-Nazi as well, with the requisite contempt for his disciples.

And it’s not enough for Trumpites to trash the Clinton/Obama record where it merits it – they have to paint her as something close to, if not worse than, Satan.

Over the weekend I went to see the new movie “Sully,” about the famous airline pilot who saved the lives of his passengers with a heroic landing on the Hudson River. The movie dwells on the bureaucratic impulse to undercut his heroism, and find fault where there was none.

Trump and Clinton may not be heroes.

But the sullying of their images may say more about us than it does about them.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Comments (28)
  1. mstarvin says:

    Hillary called Trumps supporters, that is at least one half the country, as a ‘Basket of Deplorables’.
    She is a harpy and even Jon knows it but can’t seem to force himself to say it without trying to lump everyone else into her world of vile living.

    1. Steve Stein says:

      Trump supporters are half the country? Dream on.
      Hillary didn’t call them ALL “deplorable”, just half of them. She was wrong, but not by much.

      1. Bear Walker says:

        Steve, I’m surprised at you. Here you go proving Jon’s point

      2. The Owl says:

        It’s lookng more and more like more than half of the voters are liking Trump more than Hillary, Steve, and those are the half that counts, is it not?

      3. Steve Stein says:

        Owl, half of the voters (give or take a few points) are a heck of a lot less than “half the country”. Maybe even more so this time out.

      4. Steve Stein says:

        Sorry to disappoint you, Bear, but I have lost patience with partisan liars like mstarvin.

    2. bees_knees_6 says:

      Bear Walker I’m a bit surprised at you. If Steve proved Jon’s point, you forgot to comment that mstarvin also proved Jon’s point. Remember, everything travels in two directions.

      1. mstarvin says:

        So Mr. Stein if you are tired of partisan liars then you must really be fed up with Hillary correct?? Unless of course you yourself are a partisan liar… When Hillary and Obama let all these terrorists posing as refugees into the country who do you think they will wipe out first?? I am betting those with last names like Stein are pretty high on their list..

  2. hammerhead says:

    one is being demonized the other is clearly a demon.

  3. jerry2286 says:

    I bet Jon was trying to think of anything to write about today so he wouldn’t have to talk about Hillary’s rapidly failing health.

  4. Steve Stein says:

    “[Sully] dwells on the bureaucratic impulse to undercut his heroism, and find fault where there was none.”
    That, apparently, was a plot device. According to everyone involved in the actual events, no “undercutting” occurred. But it was added for drama. Since the election needs drama as well, it seems story lines are similarly constructed.

  5. As someone said earlier, this campaign is the Deplorables against the Hitthefloorables.

  6. Concerned American says:

    It does indeed say something about us, Jon – it says that we’re disgusted with compulsive liars who only seek power for power’s sake and for themselves, with no desire to serve the people they would ultimately work for.

    And who can blame us, really?

  7. The Owl says:

    You’ve done more than your fair share, Jon, in demonizing Trump, and now you complain about the tone of the conversation?

    How noble of you.

  8. BostonIrish says:

    Jon, we are not the cause for the demise of bipartisanship in politics these days. We never were. To suggest it is to blame us. The political parties have evolved (or devolved) into partisan rubbish that denies us a voice unless it is to parrot the zero tolerance toward bipartisan dialogue. There is only the party laws. Any attempt to speak otherwise is an act of party betrayal. Sadly, we’re the victims (I have to wash my mouth with soap!).

  9. bees_knees_6 says:

    Clinton’s comment was absolutely wrong. What no one has pointed out is that there is a difference. Rather than double down, however, Clinton said she was wrong to call half of Trump supporters deplorable. Ya see, that’s how it works….for everyone except Trump of course but then he learned from the best….which he openly admits so please do not challenge that.

    We have the wheel. We get what we create. We had someone who actually stood by his views, was clear with regard to his views and we chose Clinton. We had a relatively good choice on the right also and we chose Trump. We hold the controls and this is what we chose as the best.

    1. mstarvin says:

      ” Ya see, that’s how it works….for everyone except Trump of course but then he learned from the best….which he openly admits so please do not challenge that.” Oh no you better put your tinfoil hat back on bees….

      1. bees_knees_6 says:

        As a Trump Supporter, I’d have thought you would be aware of his mentor,Roy Cohn. Although, I always wondered why folks still support Trump if they are aware of him. Do your due diligence and then get back to me. At that point we will both have the knowledge….not just me.

      2. mstarvin says:

        Lol you have knowledge….now that there is funny… Clinton has a wake of death left in her path and you are worried about Trump hurting someone’s feelings??? You crack me up….

      3. bees_knees_6 says:

        Since you feel you have all of the knowledge, please share with us what you learned about Trump’s relationship to Cohn, what he learned from him and how he emulates him. After all, according to Trump he spoke with Cohn at least a dozen times a day. Cohn thought it was more like 20ish but we can go with Trump’s word this time.

        If you question my knowledge, perhaps you could try to show it is incorrect rather than deflect. You seem to be proving Jon’s comments tenfold… only do you demonize the candidates but you attempt to demonize anyone who does not agree with you.

      4. mstarvin says:

        Who cares who Cohn is and I certainly don’t care what you think this indicates about Trump. You are just projecting your own biased speculations about what it means. What does matter is facts and the facts are that those who cross the Clintons end up dead. That is a fact. She cant even be honest about having a cold how can we the American voters expect her to be honest about ANYTHING??

    2. bees_knees_6 says:

      mstarvin…or is it Owl…..An therein lies the answer. I know Clinton’s faults…and there are plenty. The Trump supporter could care less about his candidate. It would be wise to care about Cohn….he played a very large part in creating the man you are supporting.

      And then you spew more of the hate that Jon has referred to and I notice not one person on the right (bear you out there?) has found any problem with and make a comment so ridiculous that it literally proves Steve’s point.

      1. mstarvin says:

        LOL bees reads a hit piece pushed by the NY Times and Washington Post and he is hot to trot to hedge his bets on there being a shred of truth to these hit pieces. Bet you believed old Dan Rather’s Bush piece too…

      2. bees_knees_6 says:

        That was funny – trying to cover up who you are.

        Anyway…I listened to Trump who is very proud of their friendship. Is there something about the friendship that upsets you? I can only believe there is since you keep denying it existed……

        My interest is now piqued. Please let us know why his relationship with Cohn bothers you.

      3. mstarvin says:

        I don’t care who Trump knows, doesn’t know, hangs with…whatever silly point you are shooting for…I don’t care. Do you care that Bill Clinton is friends with known pedophiles?? Does it change your opinion of him or have any chance of changing your vote for Hillary? The bottom line for me is that Hillary and her agenda are to me evil and not for the good of the United States. So pushing some hit piece by a media, that is to everyone except you apparently biased, has zero chance of changing my vote for Trump.

      4. bees_knees_6 says:

        Good heavens you are daft. It isn’t from the media. It is from Trump. And it is clear you do not care. Blind partisianship at its very best

      5. mstarvin says:

        Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!! The daft one is you who beats a hit piece like a war drum, Old Liz Liarwatha will be proud of you, even though NOBODY cares. Yet you ignore the FACTS about Hillary even when they are punching you square in the face.

  10. tiredofitall says:

    They both suck.

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