Roger Goodell 100 Percent Satisfied With Crusade Against Tom Brady

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — The football season has begun. Future Hall of Famer Tom Brady isn’t taking part.

The why of Brady’s absence remains a bit of a mystery, considering no player in the history of sport has ever been suspended for what was at worst a loose connection to a flimsily investigated minor offense. Nevertheless, Tom Brady vs. Roger Goodell turned into a labor battle for the ages, with the NFL commissioner ultimately coming out on top.

Still, for a hyper-PR-conscious league, having an all-time great on the sidelines with the label of “CHEATER” branded across his forehead might not be considered ideal for business.

Unless, of course, you’re Roger Goodell.

The commissioner sat down with a hand-picked interviewer in Matt Lauer and was asked if he’s 100 percent satisfied with the results of “DeflateGate.”

“Yes,” Goodell replied quickly, per Pro Football Talk.

No surprise there, but that wasn’t enough for Goodell, who felt compelled to trumpet the dishonest claims he’s been making all long since January 2015.

“We went through a very exhausting process with this. We had an independent investigation,” Goodell claimed.

If it weren’t so outrageous, it’d be hysterical.

The investigation was never independent. The NFL stopped trying to make that claim in court when it was clear how compromised the “investigation” was from the start. But now that they came away with the win, “Operation: Independent” is back on.

Here’s the real deal with the “investigation.” The NFL paid Ted Wells millions of dollars to appear thorough. The “investigation” was born out of a presumption of guilt. It never once looked into or addressed into illicit behavior by NFL employees. It was dead-set on assigning guilt from the start, and it managed to do so despite a lack of damning evidence. The best it could prove was that a locker room attendant called himself “The Deflator” many months before the AFC Championship Game. Fact is, nothing was ever proven about the AFC Championship Game, which was what the “investigation” set out to find.

The “independent” “investigation” was also co-authored by Jeff Pash, who happens to be the NFL’s executive vice president and general counsel.

It was “independent,” though.

Goodell continued the 2016 Fraudulence Kickoff Tour with this one: “Every player, every team, is subject to the same rules. We don’t have rules for marquee players and we don’t have rules for marquee teams.”

You know the response to this one by now. The Chargers used a stickum towel and faced no real punishments. Ball boys in a frigid Minnesota warmed footballs on TV. No punishments. Just a warning.

And just this past month, when the team owned by staunch Goodell supporter John Mara employed a player who had been arrested for domestic violence, Goodell managed to make sure the mandatory six-game suspension was dropped all the way down to one game. The NFL offered zero explanation for why 83 percent of the mandatory punishment was taken away.

Alas, Roger Goodell won, and he’s now back to saying whatever it is he’d like to say about DeflateGate. He did it before, after the Second Circuit overturned Judge Richard Berman’s decision, so he was absolutely a surefire bet to take another stroll down The Avenue Of Lies now that he gets to see Brady squirm while missing four real NFL games.

Sorry, Tom, but this is ol’ Rog’s league. Like every other player in the NFL, you just don’t matter anymore.

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One Comment

  1. I believe the commissioner is a criminal. was after Tom Brady all the way.
    Seems to be a lot of corruption in football.

  2. lizzzy321 says:

    It cannot be a coincidence that he waited until today – the very day the Patriots play their first game – to make this statement. Roger is cunning and vindictive. Despite the fact he is responsible for this entire fiasco, he has suffered and one could speculate that some of the actions of the NFL in the wake of Deflategate look very similar to him trying to take a shot at Tom and the Patriots. I find that very humorous, that he is attempting to rehabilitate his reputation. lol Not going to happen.

  3. Michael Cutler says:

    Roger Goodell is sickening. And so are the owners supporting him including “Mr. I’m all about the fans” Robert Kraft.

    There is nothing the players can do now to stop or hold back Goodel and the owners pushing him. But if the fans begin to watch and buy less of the NFL product because of the disgust for Goodell and the head office, he would be replaced so fast ESPN would barely have time to report it.

    All each fan has to do is not watch that extra game on Monday or Thursday night in which your home team is not playing or not buy that extra piece of NFL merchandise and Goodell would be gone.

    I will be watching and buying much less of the NFL until Goodell is replaced.

    1. Eli says:

      That’s what I do. I never watch Thurs, Sun, or Mon night football unless Pats are playing. I agree that all NE fans should do that. After tonight’s game, the ultimate in-your face would be for the Pats to go 4-0 with Jimmy, and then go to the Superbowl after Brady’s return, and for him to win another MVP. Goodell may be satisfied with taking down Brady, but he’s the one who should taken out.

  4. commish gotohell hater says:

    commish gotohell tried to fix the outcome of these 1st four games – nice to see bill b and company give him the finger once again.

  5. commish gotohell hater says:

    good win pats but i’m still sticking to my four game suspension of the nfl and the “fixed nfl”

  6. hammerhead says:

    the wells report found 3 out of the four balls that the colts used were under-inflated how is this not an issue?

  7. Bob says:

    Brady should have had his “ballboy” testify at the appeal hearing. He was given every opportunity to. The burden of proof against him was “more probably than not,” which Goodell certainly was within his rights to find.
    If the weatherman says there’s a thirty percent chance of rain and it rains, was he wrong?

  8. Milena Humplik says:

    NFL IS CORRUPT everybody knows it and still we are watching the game, stop watching it and they will earn, no fans, no money…and they will change,

  9. What do liars do.. they lie. He is just a fool and everyone knows it. Can’t wait for the players union to slam the NFL at next negations Tom Brady will go down as the best QB in NFL history and Godawful will be just another empty suit that accomplished nothing and presided over the head injury era with poor unethical leadership.

  10. Bill Russell says:

    Michael… and all Patriots fans. Time to stop your whining. Brady cheated… he got caught… and instead of coming clean, he dug in his heals and played the game much the same way Hillary Clinton does.

    One extra loss a year is the difference between hosting all those AFC championships and having to go on the road to play them. Like when you had to travel to Indy and lost.

    And it’s not like the Patriots organization hasn’t cheated before….

    1. hubfan25 says:

      Bill-did you read the article or just skip to make your cogent comment? Are there not at least some inconsistencies in how this case was prosecuted by the NFL? How about innocent until proven guilty?

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