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Dynamic Murals Are Centerpieces For Worcester Beautification Project

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s a big bang of beautification in Worcester as artists from around the world create dramatic murals near the city center.

The festival is called “Pow Wow Worcester.”  “Pow” because it’s right in your face, and “Wow” because that’s what you’ll say when you see the art.

The murals stare down on you from once bare walls, seeming to say, come here, take a look, what do you see?

“It’s purpose is to beautify the city and help with walkability and civic pride, and just to show people some really interesting and fun art,” says Che Anderson, one of the Pow Wow Worcester organizers.

Murals of all sizes are showing up in Worcester. (WBZ-TV)

Murals of all sizes are showing up in Worcester. (WBZ-TV)

Using hardscape canvas, 19 artists from eight countries and five states spent the last week and a half creating more than 20 works of art, like Sabek from Spain and Anthony Mancuso from the Worcester area who did a self-portrait.

“It’s a huge opportunity to really give something to the community. It’s like a whole beautification project,” he says.

While Anthony’s work is relatively small, Sabek is using an entire wall and is curious about what people will take from his creation.

“You are doing your own work, but each one can see different things,” he says.

An artist looks at his work, which is helping spruce up Worcester. (WBZ-TV)

An artist looks at his work, which is helping spruce up Worcester. (WBZ-TV)

The murals are all within walking distance of Worcester City Hall. With bold colors and striking images you can’t miss them. And you shouldn’t.

“It’s meant to inspire, to attract new people to a city maybe they ordinarily wouldn’t go to, and if nothing more, it’s a conversation starter,” says Anderson.

The public art should last for years. The city is having a big block party on Saturday at the Worcester Common to celebrate the completion of the murals from 3-7 p.m.

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