COLUMBUS (CBS) — There are a few major cities in Ohio that begin with a “C,” and it appears that Jill Stein found that out the hard way.

The Massachusetts resident and Green Party candidate for president was set to speak at Capital University in Columbus on Friday.

But according to a Columbus Dispatch reporter on the scene, she was expected to be two hours late for the event after accidentally flying to Cincinnati instead.

The newspaper says it’s not clear how Stein ended up in the wrong city.

Stein lives in Lexington and has run for governor of Massachusetts twice.

Comments (6)
  1. jerry2286 says:

    That still makes her 7000 times more competent than career criminal and pathological liar Hillary Clinton.

    1. Welfare Jerry republican leech. says:

      Welfare Jerry loves Putin’s butt boy Trump.

  2. Judith LaBonte says:

    i believe she used to live in Worcester- but i’m not sure!

  3. Sy Clops says:

    I can think of lots of people other than Stein who might be at fault here.

    And I’ll bet that Jerry2286 is clueless as to Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati I suspect Trump is also, unless he owns a heavily in debt golf course near one of them.

  4. Billy Baloneey says:

    Hillary has trouble with classifactions and Jill has trouble with locations…OK…I’ve seen enough…Donald gets my vote.

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