Keller @ Large: Welcome To Boston Students!

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s the final day of August, Labor Day weekend is at hand, and you know what that means – the annual invasion of the students is well underway.

And while we really would appreciate it, kids, if you would check the height restrictions before you drive your rented moving van down Storrow Drive, we want you to know that we are glad to see you back.

You bring so much to our community when you return. We love your energy, your money, your creativity, your money, and the appreciation you show for your new neighbors.

Or, at least, that some of you show.

Look out the window. See how close your neighbors are?

Many of them work for a living and need a decent night’s sleep, which may be incompatible with your desire to party all night at high volume.

See that little room in your place with the sink and toilet? That’s where you take care of your personal matters, not in the alley or your neighbor’s yard.

This is a courtesy we take pretty seriously around here, so be warned. No jury will side with you if things get out of hand.

And speaking of things we take seriously, you have two choices – either become a fan of your adopted city’s sports teams, or keep your mouth firmly shut when the topic comes up. Resist the urge to make smart remarks about Tom Brady.

And if you own a Yankees hat or Canadiens jersey, please keep them tucked away where the sun never shines.

With all that in mind, enjoy America’s greatest city!

And whatever money you brought, just plan on leaving it here!

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

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One Comment

  1. fred125 says:

    Welcome to all the new students. Just a word of warning, Boston and it’s suburbs are basically gang controlled war zones reminiscent of Somalia or the Sudan because of the impotent leadership of Marty “Soon to be indicted” Walsh and commissioner stick figure..
    Keep your doors locked, don’t wander around at 2:30 in the morning in places you are not familiar with. Don’t buy drugs from the violent stranger because you have been brainwashed to have white guilt.

  2. Sy Clops says:

    Geez Murphy, Jon. You have issues with Boston drivers. You have issues with National Parks visitors. You have issues with college students.

    How does one become such a curmudgeon?

  3. mikey says:

    Plumbers and electricians in my neck of the woods are charging $110.00 per hour. A liberal arts education won’t bear that kind of fruit.
    Something to consider as the trades are in desperate need of many new tradesman.

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