College Students Warned To Beware Of Scams

BOSTON (CBS) – As college students get ready to start a new year, they’re being warned to watch out for scams.

The Better Business Bureau found millennials are more likely to get cheated than any other generation.

So beware of things like the IRS phone scam, which targets students saying they owe a “federal student tax.” That doesn’t exist and the IRS never calls to collect money.

The BBB also recommends you ignore those pop-up ads that claim you just won a “back to school” shopping spree. Most will just lead to more pop-ups or even a virus.

And if you’re filing for student aid, make sure you’re accessing the official site. There are many imposter sites online designed to trick you into giving up your private tax and security information.

For more information on how to protect yourself, visit the BBB website.


One Comment

  1. jerry2286 says:

    The biggest scam these students need to be aware of is the “education” they will be receiving at the actual colleges they attend. These schools are staffed by left wing activists who aren’t as interested in giving these students a proper education as much as they are interested in giving them a proper indoctrination with their old failed liberal ideologies.

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