By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – If you’re sick of hearing about politicians and their conflicts of interest, I have some bad news for you – you’d better get used to it.

That’s because both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would come into office with a ton of conflict-of-interest baggage. After years of scrutiny and calls for greater separation between the Clintons and the charitable foundation that solicits donations in their name, there is finally a plan to shrink the foundation should she win the presidency and stop taking donations from foreign government and corporate interests. However, the candidate herself still won’t acknowledge the appearance of conflict in many of the foundation’s past associations.

And what about Trump?

He has said little on about how he would prevent conflicts between his presidential decisions and his business interests, other than to rule out placing his holdings in a blind trust as many past presidents have done. Trump says he’ll turn his company over to his children, but that won’t solve anything. Keep in mind, there is no law preventing him from using his power to line the family’s pockets.

There’s a reason why these two people are the least-trusted presidential nominees in modern history. They seem to share the view that ethical standards and expectations of transparency don’t apply to them.

At least Clinton has released her tax returns. But if she thinks that gives her a huge edge over him in voter trust and esteem, I have some bad news for her; it seems to me that in this aspect of the campaign, it’s a close race for last place.

Comments (11)
  1. mstarvin says:

    What a biased hit piece trying to lump Trump in with Clinton’s constant corruption and scandal. Seriously could you be any more transparent Jon?? The boy’s damn near clear!!

    1. Contractor not paid by Trump says:

      Trump is the most corrupt lying POS in the world.

      1. mstarvin says:

        Yeah just keeping repeating that and you might actually convince yourself……

      2. Sy Clops says:

        Well there was that Joe Isuzu guy … (granted, Joe wasn’t a POS and he wasn’t real!)

  2. Jon is just another partisan hack. He has no credibility left. I don’t even think Buddy likes him anymore.

  3. Sy Clops says:

    Trump is said to be “pivoting” on his policy on immigrants (legal and illegal) and immigration. That is a blatant conflict of interest. It is obvious that the construction firms that he owes millions to can make a better profit if they employ illegal immigrant workers. And these same firms will, no doubt, benefit from preferences in the awarding of contracts to build The Wall between the US and Mexico.

    1. mstarvin says:

      LOL…I’ll give you an “A” for creativity and first class conspiracy theory reaching.

  4. fred125 says:

    No, Sickly Hillary ran a ponzie scheme between the state department and the corrupt clinton foundation, selling favors to the rich and powerful, covering it up by using her email server in the bathroom closet of the mom and pop isp, and then lying to the american people about it (Just like with Benghazi)

  5. The Owl says:

    Interesting, As you said a few days ago in regards to the allegations against Scott Brown, there isn’t a shred of evidence.

    As in that case, you went ahead and made the comparison of what Hillary as done, and it is becoming more and more apparent every day, with what Trump MIGHT do in the future.

    What a gratuitous hit job.

  6. Donald J Trump, Putin's butt boy says:

    When Donald Trump suggested that the 2016 election might be “rigged,” he probably wasn’t thinking about his new campaign CEO, Stephen Bannon, who, The Guardian reports, is registered to vote in the key swing state of Florida using the address of a vacant house he never lived in. Bannon has an active voter registration in Miami-Dade County, with the address a condemned house that was abandoned a few months ago by one of his ex-wives, Diane Clohesy (who also appears to be registered illegally in neighboring Broward County), according to neighbors, who say they have never seen Bannon at the house.

    Bannon owns a house in Orange County, California, which is reputedly his primary residence, and co-owns a Los Angeles condo, though he also claims to live in the “Breitbart embassy” in Washington, D.C., a $2.4 million townhouse owned by an Egyptian businessman named Mostafa El-Gindy, The Guardian says. Florida requires people to be legal residents of the county and state where they are registered to vote, with the Florida secretary of state’s office defining legal residency as the place “where a person mentally intends to make his or her permanent residence.” In Florida, willfully submitting false information on your voter registration is a third-degree felony.

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