WALPOLE (CBS) — A thief who climbed a tree to steal a Donald Trump campaign sign from the front yard of a home allegedly left a note insulting the homeowner for their support of the GOP candidate, saying they’d continue taking the signs if they replaced them.

Victor Scena, chairman of Walpole Republican Committee, said the sign was stolen from a home on Bullard Street in Walpole.

“As you may have noticed, I have stolen your sign for a third time,” the note reads.

Read the full letter

In a letter addressed to “Dear Mr. or Ms. Trump supporter,” the person who stole the sign–and had stolen Trump signs from the same yard twice before–insulted the homeowner for thinking that moving the sign ten feet up into a tree would deter them.

“I can only believe you thought that you were outsmarting me when you put the sign on the tree,” the thief wrote. “This is clearly false, because there is no way that a Trump supporter can outsmart anyone.”

The note continues, insulting the homeowner for their support of the Republican presidential nominee.

“People of your kind are in fact, the most dimwitted, low level, simpletons that any well-developed nation has to offer,” the thief wrote.

“I, and any other American who is against Mr. Trump, am better than you in every single way imaginable (especially in the areas of intelligence, reasoning, and problem solving).”

At the end, the thief threatens to strike again, saying, “Not even a great wall will stop me.”

Comments (144)
  1. dfg dfgsd says:

    Just wipe poison ivy on the sign.

    1. rootvg says:

      Not everyone is allergic to it. My father isn’t and I’m probably not as well.

      1. Passerby says:

        no one’s allergic to a good pellet gun. I would have said shotgun, but the pc police may have shut down my email…

      2. Chris Christie's Belt says:

        There is a guy that charges 60 bucks an hour to pull out poison ivy plants because he is not allergic to it. Not a bad job.

    2. Leveraction says:

      Maybe a wall won’t but a homeowners bullet might….

      1. Kevin says:

        My thoughts exactly!

    3. John Dendy says:

      Steal something (anything) from my yard and you’ll get a 9mm projectile in your head.

      1. Repressed old White Man says:

        We got a bada ss over here!

        Easy Gramps, you probably can’t tell a thief from the mailman at your age.

  2. jjj says:

    Put it above a pile of leaves concealing a bear trap.

    1. Junebug says:

      Hot lead works better.

  3. Hillary for Prison says:

    My Sigarms .45 could stop them!

    1. Bill Sunday says:

      The official coroner’s report should list: “Death from Misadventure”. Classic.

    2. rootvg says:

      Wow, awfully big round. Noisy.

    3. beckdella says:

      My .22 or my .38 or my 12 gauge or my .45 or …. well you get the drift…in TX you have the right to protect your property from thieves!

  4. John says:

    Let’s see.. the person does not respect free speech, has a lot of time on their hands, is vile and insulting, has illusions of grandeur, is a bigot, and broke the law. Yup… fits the criteria for a democrat.

    1. rootvg says:

      It sounds like some crazy entitled kid on a mission. Forget the firearm. Use a baseball bat. He isn’t worth a bullet. Better yet, get some stocks and lock him in.

    2. Archangel Michael says:

      There are low tolerance and respect-challenged people of all kinds, in this case it may be a green, they tend think themselves more intelligent. The person is definitely fear-based. God bless us all!

    3. Repressed White Man says:

      You just described Trump exactly

  5. Obozo says:

    Get a video camera and record him. Youtube is your friend.

    1. William says:

      There are some very good trail cameras used for hunting and even some which take video and pictures at night and the type of red LED’s are not visible.

  6. Cristina Rey says:

    Put out cameras and set a leg hold trap….

  7. No Name says:

    He who laughs LAST laughs best.

  8. Philster says:

    The attitude of this thief is the only reason Trump has a chance.

    1. Buddy says:

      I would say the unpopularity and hate Americans have of Hillary Clinton is why Trump has a chance

      1. Donald says:

        Class example of mistaking cause for effect. It’s not ‘the unpopularity and hate’ of people, it’s the open dishonest, corrupt nature of Hilary Clinton and her proven record of believing that she is beyond accountability that is the root cause why Trump may succeed.

  9. Gary Rains says:

    NO, but a model 12, 12 gauge shotgun will!!! Let’s see you out run a scatter of pellet’s “Good Luck with that one, Mr. Thief!! “

  10. Michael says:

    To me, the most alarming aspect of this is that the author of this letter appears to sincerely believe that he is some how superior to others. This is exactly the mind set needed to commit the most horrible actions upon others. Think Nazi Germany.

  11. Buddy says:

    Put razor blades on the sign ..and a video camera pointed at it

    1. Donald J Trump, Putin's butt boy says:

      Some dumb Redneck did just that once over something else and went to jail for it.

      You are sure stupid, figures you support Trump.

  12. Sam Kahn says:

    I had a sign taken try to test me……I ate his liver with some fava beans and chianti :) :) :)

    1. diagnosticator says:

      Whatever would possess you to eat fava beans?

  13. rlee says:

    The jokes on you sicko sign thief as your infantile effort to prevent a handful of people from viewing that Trump sign that so aggrieves you has resulted in a media campaign that has given it national attention. Please do keep it up.

  14. Larry Mikelson says:

    The left went nuts with cries of racism (and still is) when Trump first raised the Death Spiral that is illegal immigration and the “Wall” to stop it. He accurately pointed out that many criminals were coming across. He also said something about Mexico “sending” them I believe. The evidence is clear that the Mexican government supports the massive illegal “invasion” of the US, AND, each of them made the decision that his or her personal needs outweighed the laws of this country….that is a classic definition of a “Criminal”….therefore they are all criminals.

    1. Ret_USMC says:

      Years of “evidence” Mexico “supports” illegal immigration (think 30 Billion $$$ a year in transferred funds BACK to Mexico)! http://www.sfgate.com/health/article/Mexico-to-give-survival-kits-to-border-jumpers-2918484.php

  15. Tim Daniels says:

    Id pay to cement the sign in the yard. Only an idiot would challenge a home owner with such a message. Any angry or threatened home owner can be resourceful. Its a neighbor. You just have to find out which one. Look for 15-22 year old male that can climb trees.

  16. Linda says:

    I don’t know if it is intentional but the language in the note sounds as if this thief comes from another country…possibly illegally?

  17. diagnosticator says:

    a klepto with a whole other problem

    1. Simon Fried says:

      There are no cleptos in Iran or Saudi Arabia, because they call a first offender ‘lefty”

  18. Cory Raymer says:

    Please, jump over my privacy fence with my 4 year old Boerboel in the back yard. I have beware of dog signs up, so my bases are covered, are your hospital bills?

  19. Dennis McAllister says:

    If it weren’t that you can’t trust the low moral turpitude of liberals, you would see a vast abundance of pro-Trump signs and bumper stickers.

  20. Tccd106 says:

    “I, and any other American who is against Mr. Trump, am better than you in every single way imaginable (especially in the areas of intelligence, reasoning, and problem solving).”

    Of course the thief’s only claim to fame is the ability to steal yard signs where as the Trump supported owns a house, a job, and is probably thinking how simple minded can this yard sign bandit be. Let’s toy with him and see how hard will he work for the next sign.

    Funny thing about proglodytes, they never realize the jokes on them. Morons each and every one.

  21. K.Diggs says:

    Put the camera in the middle of your yard, place the sign near a TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT, sign and then just lie in wait. BOOM! One less brain dead libturd!!!!

  22. aandrews says:

    Game camera. (Suggestion: Bushnell 12MP Trophy Cam HD Essential Low Glow Trail Camera, $109 (Amazon))

  23. Snapperhead says:

    Little hatefilled proglodytes who wreak havoc and disrupt civic minded folk all in the name of a truly sick GYNOSAUR.

    How long America?

  24. Bob Larson says:

    Ah! Democrats resulting to thievery. How unusual.

    This is what happens when your ideology is not sustainable by logic or common sense.


    The note continues, insulting the homeowner for their support of the Republican presidential nominee.

    “People of your kind are in fact, the most dimwitted, low level, simpletons that any well-developed nation has to offer,” the thief wrote.

    “I, and any other American who is against Mr. Trump, am better than you in every single way imaginable (especially in the areas of intelligence, reasoning, and problem solving).”


  26. Ferdy says:

    a motion sensing stun gun tazer rig would do the trick. Once theyre on the ground a nice bucket of animal poo would be rather satisfying.

  27. Jen Magnus says:

    People like this are why I moved out of Mass.

  28. Bill Williams says:

    Now that the leftist democRat is on the hook, it’s time to reel the idiot in.

  29. Bill Williams says:

    “Release the hounds!”

  30. Ferdy says:

    actually have a false floor around the sign where he falls into a pool of feces water, lets see him act like a smarty after that one.

    1. rootvg says:

      Jesus…that’s harsh. You make me look like a fairy.

  31. Ali Von Goldberg says:

    Poster boy for Progressive Liberals.

  32. Bill H says:

    I would put another in my yard and make it easy to steal. I would have it wire it with a boobytrap.

  33. It is Massachusetts. There are probably specific ordinances to prevent force from being used against Democrats and other criminals when they attack you. Here in the West, we use the 3-S’s. Shoot, Shovel, and Shut-up.

    Coat the next sign in some major insecticide that will leach in through the skin. And, of course, use the game camera. Actually use two, one for the actual theft in the yard and one to get the entrance and egress along with hopefully the car license plate. Then it is your choice. Either go to the police [knowing that no law enforcement in Massachusetts or any DA will ever charge a Democrat with vandalism and theft if it is political], or take personal measures.

    The only thing that will stop Democrats is the imposition of consequences for their illegal actions. In the total absence of the rule of law in the country, there is no way to impose consequences within the law, leaving only other means to restore civility.

    Subotai Bahadur

  34. John Collins PR says:

    It’s all fun and games till someone gets their eye poked out!

  35. John Collins says:

    It’s all fun and games till somebody gets their eye poked out!

  36. JhnnyBGood says:

    Check his mom’s basement.

  37. What’s with the comment system changing every few months?

  38. Partin Enterprises says:

    My old man used to have a portable power supply that would allow you to set up a quick electrified cattle fence. I’d bet setting the power to maximum & clipping the leads to the sign would get the thief’s attention. Tripwire alarms, game cameras, and copious amounts of poison sumac or ivy were a good idea I read up the page too.

  39. Sovereignty Soldier says:

    I’d put out 5 signs and wait all night in the with a baseball bat. I’d break a knee cap so he has a limp for the rest of his life and can always remember the Trump supporter that outsmarted him!

  40. Danger! Danger! says:

    Wire up some type of voltage to the sign. Not enough to kill him, just enough to disable him long enough after he screams so the sign owner can find him lying there.

  41. Kevin Lee says:

    I can’t wait to see the follow up report on this. Hopefully the idiot won’t have to spend too much time in the hospital before they’re booked into jail.

  42. he thinks he is winning by stealing a sign. the reality is, he is always losing, that why he has to resort to stealing and insulting. instead of being happy with his choices, he has to act like a child,and get angry with your choices. this behavior is typical of the left.

  43. put it where the neighborhood dogs like to visit.

  44. Marvin Bauman says:

    Sounds as if he can’t be more than fifteen.

  45. Tom Menino says:

    Beyond the brain-damage illustrated by the nonsensical Unabomber-like ramblings of the letter, the sign-stealer is clearly a dope for thinking his actions will move any needle in the presidential race. Massachusetts has only voted for a Republican twice in the past 70 years: Reagan in ’84 and Eisnehower in ’52/’56. The fool should be doing his stealing up in New Hampshire. Which is an open-carry state, by the way..

  46. Patriot29 says:

    I just looked up the word, “idiot” sir, your photo was right there. Now we know what you look like.

    It’s also typical of moronic liberals to not allow American citizens to voice their first amendment of free speech. All thieves eventually get caught, and you WILL be caught.

    I hope the authorities hit you very high fine, although I somehow doubt you are employed…

  47. Could you imagine the uproar if Billary signs were being taken like this? Liberalism is a disease that must be eradicated.

  48. William says:

    We see Leftists beating Trump supporters in the streets, spitting on women, plowing cars across Vets memorials, cursing, threatening, waving Mexican and Marxist flags….
    Despite what the press says these Trump supporters and Republicans are the type to turn the other cheek. That time is rapidly coming to an end. When it does it will be very very ugly.

  49. zxc says:

    having had one sign stolen, another homemade sign vandalized, the sign has deterrent on the top, and if I see some one attempt to steal or damage the sign I assure you the person will have an unplanned bowel movement.

  50. Dee Bamer says:

    Typical liberal. Take what is not yours and feel compelled to brag about it and then resort to insulting verbal abuse.

  51. Buzz says:

    A shot from a 20 guage with a salt filled shell will make the little stompie feet moron liberal think again.

  52. Steven C Stites says:

    and this , ladies and gentlemen, is the mentality of the lib. I am surprised that the Clinton campaign hasnt hired him.

    1. OldOllie says:

      What makes you think it doesn’t already work for her.

  53. Somebody please put a Trump sign at the edge of the road, but cement it into the ground supported with 3/8″ rebar instead of the standard wire. Then dig a eight-foot deep moat all the way around the sign (12′ in width) and cover with bamboo, sticks, then leaves. If you attract a Liberal via automobile, the car will crash to the bottom of the moat and need to be towed out.l If you attract a liberal via foot, they will need to be lifted out of the moat. Muh ha ha ha ha

  54. OldOllie says:

    I’d bet a .308 would stop him.

  55. I’m in Georgia and someone took my sign out of the front yard, too. My next option is up the tree which I plan to do soon. These Georgia oak trees are very tall and unless the thief brings a ladder, they will not be able to get the sign. They will not be able to outsmart a Georgia Gal.

  56. tmasierrahills says:

    The loving Tolerance Police strike again.

  57. Mike says:

    As usual the left backs up their free speech for me, but not for ye.

  58. T Nick says:

    Small animal garden electric fence chargers work extremely well.

    1. LeeP says:

      Large animal fencer works even better. Several Joules capacity will knock a thief on his behind. They sell insulated wire for electric fences that allow you to keep fencer inside. You run the insulated wire out to the sign.

  59. LeeP says:

    I put up an electric fence with large commercially made fencer. It has several thousand volts applied once a second. 3 Joules power, enough to knock a human on his a**. I mounted a banner and a lawn sign directly on the fence.

  60. LeeP says:

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. Friday anti-Trump thugs beat up people leaving a Trump rally. They even attacked the motorcade. That was in Minneapolis. Police did nothing. Trump supporters elsewhere have been attacked individually. We must arm our selves for self defense. It is just a matter of time before anti-Trump thugs start killing our people.

  61. Matthew says:

    A little contact cement painted over the sign will do the trick. I’d like to see the person get out of a tree with a sign stuck to their hand.

  62. zombietimeshare says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t sign off with, “From a tolerant progressive liberal.”

  63. This person might think he is superior in intelligence, reasoning, etc. but in reality he falls very short in moral character, the most important attribute of a person.

  64. Coldshatter says:

    You could connect thin wires to the frame and run them along the yard and to a power source. Give them a nice shock. My older brother used to take those cans that had shoestring fries in them and he’d make it so if you picked up the can, to eat them, you’d create a circuit and get a hell of a shock. Taught you not to mess with his shoestring fries.

  65. Team USA says:

    Meanwhile, in other news that’s more revealing of November’s election, there are no Hillary yard signs to steal.

  66. This guys is an idiot. I buy a Trump sign. Trump’s campaign makes money. You steal the sign. I buy another sign. Trump campaign makes more money. Good job. You are making Donald Trump’s campaign more money.

  67. vini321 says:

    A wall might not stop you but bars in a jail cell might

  68. Mike0oSS says:

    Sadly, these Dimocrat rats have no concept of property…since they are all on welfare and own nothing of value but a shopping basket they stole and some old cardboard sheets.

  69. Andylit says:

    Time for a tiny camera.

  70. Hair Loos says:

    Just attach a camera to take a snapshot of the thief upload it instantly. Oh and make sure to explode some indelible ink on him too. Then we’ll see how long he/she remains anonymous

  71. nam says:

    I’ll share with you two sure fire (proven to work) ways to prevent your signs from being stolen. If your sign is in a wooded area hang it about six feet off the ground to encourage the thief to walk up to it. Next do what we learned from the Viet-Cong, build a punji pit under it. If that is too lethal an option for you then run an electric fence wire around the edges of a rigid sign and connect it to a cattle charger (5000V @ 1Amp). Careful conceal all lead wires. For large banner signs hang a piece of chicken wire behind the sign and connect it to the cattle charger, again carefully conceal all lead wires. Set up a trail camera to capture the fun. NOBODY tries to steal my signs!

  72. Jamesq says:

    Sounds like a challenge to Trump supporters to help this neighbor out. Fellow Trump supporters should get together to fill this persons yard with signs that cannot be removed.

  73. Kendo Lee says:

    This moron has way too much free time. Somebody should get him a puppy.

  74. Nat George says:

    There will be an end to this story AND I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO FINDING OUT!
    Woe be to him.

  75. So you have a thief with so much time on their hands because they likely are not working and living off the taxpayer which equates to being a Hillary voter claiming moral and mental high ground over Trump supporters? LOL. Yea, makes total sense.

  76. Lincoln Robertson says:

    Uhh, there isn’t cameras and a border patrol to respond on this fence, and it’s not the same sort of fence. Typical kook.

  77. williampenn says:

    I’d bet a .45 to the head would stop this totalitarian criminal.

  78. Cletus says:

    Game camera, security camera… and a motion sensing alarm that instead of blaring noise simply sprays the moron with skunk funk or some other heinous smell. It’s what I did to deter the dimwit Bernie supporters that took my Gary Johnson sign. I have both photos, video and the joy of knowing they were puking their guts out all the way home from the smell.

  79. Mob Smash says:

    The person whole stole the sigh is an idiot with a high opinion of themself but that is only because no one in the real world currently does, or ever will for that matter. They are grasping at delusions of grandeur and stealing a political sign to them is such a big deal in their tiny little head that they even type a note, complete with spelling a grammatical mistakes whilst trying to impress the point of their own intellectual capacity, which is much more limited than they think. The person is most likely male, and has no physical build to speak of. He’s also pretty young, but he doesn’t have much below the belt or he’d be spending his time using it instead of pulling it. In short, a sad little boy, with a sad little winkie, mad at the world. His future is a complete zero, and although he may get a job here or there he won’t keep it long, and then there are the many beat-downs he still has yet to endure for spouting off when in the company of men who do not suffer quips from little femen. So no, he doesn’t have the balls to go and try it again, and this will fade as his only puerile and failed attempt at glory. The homeowner should hang another sign because the little creep will not be back.

  80. HHH Old Vet says:

    Let me profile the THIEF, #1 Probably an Genx- through Millenial, Narcissistic little know it all.
    #2 Of Liberal mentality, LOW self esteem, slightly lower than average IQ.
    Could go on about their background, but not worth any more of My time.

  81. Marie Martin says:

    just shoot and KILL the criminal

  82. dkdkdd says:

    wow THREE signs. unstoppable!

  83. korrd says:

    Seriously? Is this kid serious? He can’t be. Who has the time to not only take the time to steal yard signs and have letters typed out talking about how great they are? Has to be a kid about to go back to school. Anyone else, or at least anyone with a job, wouldn’t have the patience to do this.

    But why is the kid so proud of this? So he stole a few yard signs…As in signs out in peoples’ yards. If there’s something easier to steal I sure don’t know what it is. And he actually acts like he respects the US at the end when in fact he, much like the SGA at the University of Houston, are anti-free speech.

    Every person is entitled to their opinion, and even if the “Great Sign Thief” disagrees, he has not right to impose on it.

    The kid needs to get a life.

  84. Gringots says:

    Okay…so gay guy, white, college degree, about 28 who travels the area. Probably lives or works within 3 blocks of the homeowner. Surveillance cameras.

  85. Sherry Gee says:

    Eventually Trump will win and then it won’t matter.

  86. gewehrpatrone says:

    Soo…can he out run a bullet?

  87. Kitcha says:

    This is when you wait and open a can of whoop ass on him when he invades your property. Alternately

  88. Melody says:

    Why repeat the bigoted message? I’m not for Trump, but vandalism isn’t political expression. We should respect free speech and not encourage people who want to squelch it. If you don’t like Hillary or Trump, show your displeasure at the ballot box. It’s not okay to hate anyone.

  89. James Arnold says:

    hot electric wire along with a wet spot of water to stand in will be shocking

  90. petercatt says:

    The answer is simple.
    Put the next sign inside a circle of job applications.
    The thief will avoid them like a vampire avoids garlic.

  91. WagTheDog says:

    Why hold back? Use contact cement on the sign, a wildlife camera, a high-voltage wiring setup, some rat-snap-traps on the back of the sign and on the tree, a pit bull with a long enough chain to reach the tree, a silent alarm to warn the owner about the intruder, and a powerful paintball gun ready to sting the living hell out of that kid and paint him orange so everyone knows who he is.

  92. LeeP says:

    Mount the sign on an electric fence. You could use two T posts with wires and insulators. There is insulated wire for connecting sign to a fencer unit inside.

  93. Ty Harris says:

    Dude… I would stop at nothing- absolutely nothing- to put this person in their place. If it cost me ten thousand dollars and I had to spend a month building a concealed subterranean trap with spikes at the bottom I would wipe the smile right off this person’s face so help me christ. The arrogance is on a par with a Secretary of State who would hide the public’s record of her official acts in a server in her bathroom along with our national security secrets and then take 2 billion dollars in cash from foreign governments and corporations with business before the federal agency she headed. These people don’t respect any boundaries but those involving force because there is no moral or ethical compass inside them. I have a Hillary for Prison 2016 magnetic sticker on my truck. Come and take it one night “S” and see what mortuary you wind up in.

  94. Rick Hess says:

    Powder that only shows up when in the presence of a black light. Right after he/she has pulled your sign up one more time light him/her up with an automatic paint ball gun shooting alternating rounds of room temp balls and frozen balls. Leaves whelps and splatters where the paint hits, then their hands glow in the dark. Hurting and caught red? handed.

  95. iambicpentamaster says:

    Only the most despicable imbecile would stoop to sneak-thieving political signs.

    This self-proclaimed ‘genius’ clearly fears Mrs. Stainmaker will lose without his/her illegal assistance.

  96. beijingyank says:

    Put a light sensor up and when you catch this nitwit in the tree pepper him with salt from your shotgun. Let him soak his butt in warm water as he contemplates his navel and meditates the meaning of Kharma.

  97. Pay me. I’ll be happy to take care of him for you. He deserves it.

  98. CSATexas says:

    Get some glue and a couple of light bulbs, crush the bulbs and glue them to the back of the sign.

  99. Howie S says:

    Whoever is spending their time collecting/stealing these signs is a complete loser and illustrates their TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) and inability to face controversy head on and provide a valid argument based upon critical thinking and reason.

  100. Midwest Norsk says:

    Shoot them dead. Simple.

  101. Hate stopped him….made him a low life thief who cannot see clearly

  102. Tyrone says:

    If you set up a Trump sign, set up a trail camera observing it. Preferably set it up sop it will capture the license plates of the thief’s car if he stops in front of the house. Use one with “no-glow” night capability.

  103. As if stealing a sign will stop a movement! This confirms the delusional state under which the liberal mind functions.

    …and indicates the lengths to which such a trashed mind would go if given real power!

  104. Bill J. Clinton says:

    Time to start HUNTING down those that are unwilling to be good.

  105. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    We can easily stop you. We’ll just cut up your EBT card so you can’t afford the bus fare.

  106. GBY24 says:

    Use garden fertilizer on your grass and spell out Trump. The fertilized grass will grow higher and greener than the surrounding grass. They can’t take your yard.

    1. Even better, find out who the culprit is and go spell TRUMP in their yard with Round-Up.

  107. Mikeee says:

    Here’s a suggestion…

    Put up a new sign, high quality, professionally installed, with a frame, low level solar powered lighting, etc. Make sure to spend over $1000 on the set up with a receipt. Install a small fence with “no trespassing” signs. Install a video system.

    When the person comes back, which they will. Nail them for criminal trespass, burglary, felony theft, etc.

    Now, as a felon (assuming a conviction), their voting rights will be suspended.

    And in civil court, you can recoup your costs.

  108. Sand Nomad says:

    What an idiot! He claims to be “intelligent” and has the audacity to ask God to “Bless the USA”, but at the same time, he breaks the 8th Commandment of God, “Thou shalt not steal”, and I doubt he follows any of the Commandments of God. America is inundated with fools, and this supposed wise man should become a fool, so he can gain wisdom (1 Corinthians 3:18).

  109. Donald J Trump, Putin's butt boy says:

    Now this was a terrorist act conservative WBZ decided to ignore.

    SALEM, Mass. (AP) — Police in Salem are investigating the detonation of an explosive placed inside a news box for an LGBT newspaper as a possible hate crime.

    The explosion of the Rainbow Times box along the Essex Street mall was reported early Tuesday. Police say it shook the downtown area and was heard up to a mile away.

    Capt. Conrad Prosniewski says police believe the box was specifically targeted. It reportedly has been vandalized nearly 10 times in the past.

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