MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (CBS) — Stumping for votes in the Granite State, Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine went on the attack against GOP nominee Donald Trump Saturday.

Kaine and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton released their tax returns Friday, and Kaine called into question why Trump has not released his own filings.

“This guy will make up anything,” Kaine told a crowd at St. Anselm College in Manchester. “And we are not gullible people. We’re not going to let him pull the wool over our eyes.”

The speech was clearly focused against Trump, who held a rally in Southern New Hampshire last weekend.

“He has a consistent interest he’s been focused on his whole life,” said Kaine. “And it is Donald J. Trump. It’s himself.”

Clinton’s tax returns showed the Clintons earned $10.6 million last year, and paid a tax rate of just over 34 percent. Kaine took issue with Trump not releasing his filings.

“It might also show us, right down to the cent, how much he would benefit from the tax plan he just put down on the table,” Kaine told the crowd.

Trump has said the IRS is conducting an audit of his taxes, and will release them when it’s complete.

Kaine encouraged supporters to get out the vote. He also stopped at a cafe with New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen to urge more people to vote for the Clinton-Kaine ticket.

Kaine then headed to Rhode Island for a fundraiser; Trump was in Connecticut Saturday night for a rally there.


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