By Katie Brace

CANTON (CBS) – A Canton girl died Friday evening from injuries she suffered when a tree limb fell on her.

Kaleigh Kenyon, 6, was playing in the snow behind her family’s Canton home early Friday afternoon.

“She was like, ‘let’s make some snowmen and some snow angels,’” said her brother Nicholas Kenyon.

He and their father were nearby.

Nicholas said he heard the limb snap. “Me and my dad were like ‘Kaleigh!'”

Kaleigh Kenyon (Family photo)

Kaleigh Kenyon (Family photo)

A large tree limb fell from about 35 feet up landing on Kaleigh.

“‘Oh, my God is my sister OK?’ and I literally ran over there with my dad and we tried lifting the tree,” said Nicholas. He said it a lot of branches and it was very heavy.

Hearing screams, the mother and daughter living next door ran over and both performed C.P.R.

Paramedics rushed Kaleigh to the hospital. She died Friday evening.

She had just turned six in January, and was the youngest of four.

After the incident, Canton Police asked residents to stay indoors due to branches and trees coming down, across town.

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