Parents Warned Of Deadly ‘NBOMe’ Drug Being Sold To Boston-Area Kids

EVERETT (CBS) — Police are warning parents about a dangerous and deadly drug being marketed to school-aged children in the Boston area.

It’s called NBOMe or 25i, sometimes referred to as “N-Bomb.”

Everett police say they arrested two people over the weekend “for displaying strange self-destructive behavior” believed to be linked to the designer drug.

NBOMe is often sold as LSD for about $1.50 to $5 a dose, but police say it’s toxic and can have devastating side effects. At least three teenage deaths nationwide are connected to the drug, according to police.

“Drug educators say it’s one of the most disturbing developments in the drug scene in the last 20 years,” Everett police said in a widely shared Facebook post. “Be sure to educate your kids about this new deadly drug…it is in the Metro Boston area.”

NBOMe can also be in powder or pill form (Photo credit Everett police)

NBOMe can also be in powder or pill form (Photo credit Everett police)

Police say parents should look for stickers or blotter papers resembling LSD, and the drug can come in powder or pill form.


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