HAMPTON, NH (CBS) – New video obtained by WBZ-TV may hold clues into what caused a small plane to crash shortly after take-off in North Hampton, New Hampshire on Monday. The pilot and passenger were killed in the Labor Day crash.

A woman visiting Hampton Airfield shot the video and contacted WBZ Tuesday afternoon. The video, which can be difficult to watch, shows the small Cessna plane taking off. Within seconds it appears to stall, banks left, and makes a sharp decent, disappearing behind the tree line. The video does not show the actual impact.

Two men died in this Cessna 180 crash at Hampton Airfield in North Hampton, New Hampshire. (WBZ-TV)

Two men died in this Cessna 180 crash at Hampton Airfield in North Hampton, New Hampshire. (WBZ-TV)

The home video has now been turned over to NTSB investigators as they try to determine what went wrong.

“We have not found any type of pre-impact failure or malfunction of the aircraft structure itself, or the wing flap system, or the engines,” NTSB investigator Todd Gunther said Tuesday.

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The man behind the controls was an experienced pilot. David Ingalls, 77, flew for the Air Force and the airline TWA. Friends say he flew his plane at least once a week.

“He checked that little Cessna over as though it were a 747,” said friend Evelyn Nathan.

Bruce Anderson, a friend of Ingalls’, was the passenger. Both men were integral members of the Kingston, New Hampshire community.

“How excited he was to be going, flying with Dave on Monday,” said Anderson’s friend Judy Oljey. “He said, ‘if we go Monday morning, I’ll see you Monday afternoon.’”


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