TAUNTON (CBS) – A Taunton woman received plenty of help from police and social media users after a wagon was stolen from her son with special needs.

Taunton police posted to the department’s Facebook page on Monday that they are looking for a wagon stolen from the back yard of a Vernon Street home.

Marjorie Dutra, the mother of the 10-year-old boy, told police she confronted the man who allegedly took the wagon. Dutra said she was nearly hit by the man’s older model black pick up truck as he drove away from the area where the wagon was stolen.

Dutra provided a possible license plate number to officers, but they were unable to track down the vehicle when they ran the plate.

The photo of the wagon posted by Taunton police has been shared nearly 1,600 times and generated about 150 comments.

The boy’s mother said “it’s not just a wagon,” adding that she bought it as a gift for her son on his first birthday. “It’s the first thing he ever wanted, it’s very important

While Dutra said her son feels violated that someone stole from him, she added that the outpouring of support in the aftermath has helped boost her family’s spirits.

“All I can say is Faith in humanity is restored,” Dutra commented on the Facebook photo on Monday night.

“From the actions of one rotten soul, hundreds of people are reaching out to help. All in all we are overwhelmed with the response from so many amazing people willing to help. All he honestly really wants is to find his wagon in our yard again tomorrow morning.”

An outpouring of support included the donation of a nearly identical wagon, along with monetary donations that will go to the family as well.

The donated wagon came from a 10-year-old in Bridgewater. “It was because I was just feeling good and I didn’t really use it that much anymore so I just wanted to donate it,” Nick Rae said.

Anyone who sees the original wagon or has other information in the case is asked to call the Taunton Police Department at (508) 824-7522, or use a tip line by calling (508) 824-5493.


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