By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

NORTHBORO (CBS) – Standing in his empty living room, Diego Zalewski and his wife are devastated. The married couple had just purchased their very first home in Northboro, only to have someone come in and rob them clean.

“It’s extremely frustrating we were so excited getting our first new home,” Zalewski said.

Zalewski says they bought the fully-remolded home on Church Street about two weeks ago. They moved in on Saturday but spent the night at their parent’s house. On Monday when he returned home after work, he discovered things missing.

This Northboro home was robbed before the new owners were fully moved in. (WBZ)

This Northboro home was robbed before the new owners were fully moved in. (WBZ)

“Lots of electronics, TVs, basically any jewelry I bought my wife in the last 10 years,” Zalewski said.

Police say they believe the house may have been targeted because it had been empty for a few months. Zalewski says the thieves stole everything, even his wife’s engagement ring.

Northboro police say they have seen an uptick in thefts over the past months, but not to this extreme.

The thieves allegedly broke in through the back door and stole about $20K worth of personal items.

Now Zalewski has replaced all of his locks and had a security system installed, but their first home buying experience has been ruined.

“I don’t care about the electronics but my wife really wants her engagement ring back,” Zalewski said.

Anyone with information on the theft is asked to contact the Northboro Police Department at (508) 393-1515.



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