Celebrities hacked! Their most intimate pictures leaked online for anyone to see. The FBI is now investigating after reports that more than 100 celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, were targeted. Some celebrities are demanding authorities find and prosecute the hackers responsible. Others claim the nude photos are fakes.

Internet security experts believe hackers stole the photos from one or more “cloud” servers. More than 300 million people around the world use cloud-based servers to store photos and documents. Some experts say everyone’s cloud-stored data is vulnerable. But, celebrities are more vulnerable because hackers are actively looking for them.

One celebrity is getting some backlash for his comments about the situation. Comedian Ricky Gervais tweeted that celebrities should make it harder for hackers to steal their photos by not storing nude pictures on their phones and computers in the first place. Gervais has since deleted the tweet and apologized.

What do you think about the celebrity hacking scandal? Are you worried your photos could be at risk?


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