BOSTON (CBS) – Today is the unofficial last day of summer! And the school year is about to start.

It always feels more like the beginning of a new year than January first does.

In preparation for the new year folks have been shopping for supplies and clothes for school for weeks. Even adults have begun to buy their fall wardrobes. We begin a new year mentally as we change seasons.

Kids go from the carefree summer fun to settling down in school. I think that carries over to adulthood. Then we have kids of our own and the tradition continues.

I began my fall chore list for garden and house projects this long weekend and then I thought about the personal things I have put off over the summer.

I realized I was creating New Year’s resolutions. First on my list was painting and putting away the porch furniture. Mums and pumpkins were listed next.

Our house has been cool in the morning and I went looking for something warm to wear to church yesterday.

So added to the list was continuing to work on our energy efficiency. Check out the U.S. Department of Energy’s website on where to begin.

We have replaced almost all of our light bulbs with LEDs. Now we are looking for the nonstandard LEDs for the bathroom fixtures and hanging lights in the kitchen. I am sure they will go on sale soon somewhere.

Check what you can do this fall to save on energy costs this winter. I don’t want you to be cold this winter but I don’t want you to be broke either. Most of our energy loss is through our attics, windows and doors.

Get an automatic thermostat. Check your attic. Simply laying insulation up there can reduce your heat loss. Are your windows tight? Can you caulk them yourself? Do you need storm windows or new windows?

Check the doors next. Do you need a storm door or weather stripping? Do these chores now before the real cold settles in.

Money Conference Alert!!

On October 11th I will be the key note speaker at The Money Conference which is a FREE one-day event presented by The Office of Massachusetts State Treasury. It will be held at UMASS Boston and the first 500 registrants will get a free copy of my newest book, Money, Your Personal Finance Guide.

There will be afternoon classes on everything from budgeting to buying a house. The Financial Planning Association of Boston will have volunteer financial planners there to help answer questions. You can set up a meeting with a Money Mentor when you register. If you have questions about the conference, contact Sheila O’Loughlin of the State Treasury at (617) 367-6900 ext 615.


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