By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Patrice Bergeron can score some beautiful goals, he can defend his own zone better than anyone else, and he can garner universal praise and appreciation throughout the entire hockey world. He can also share his feelings through poetry.

Meanwhile, Brad Marchand has found a new way to get under everybody’s skin: Singing.

We know this now thanks to EA Sports’ most recent commercials for “NHL 15,” in which both players bare their souls. (Or perhaps it’s “bear” their souls. Get it??!!)

You’ll recall that Bergeron graces the cover of this year’s NHL video game, after he won the online voting during the spring.

Well, the EA Sports folks decided to ask Bergeron to utilize his acting chops for a new ad. In it, Bergeron shows a wide range of strong emotions while talking about his true love.

“When I press play, my feelings can’t be denied. The puck flies by and the sparkle in my eye goes on high, high beams,” Bergeron says.

It is … interesting.

EA also released a Marchand commercial, in which everybody’s favorite agitator hits a wide variety of notes — a few of them might even be the proper ones — while singing a love ballad for hockey.

It is … unique?

Credit to Marchand for seemingly recognizing how angry his face makes people and then somehow multiplying that by really selling the performance. It’s as if he’s addressing those who despise him and is daring them to do the impossible — to loathe him even more. He is, in many respects, a masterpiece.



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