BOSTON (CBS) – After settling the lockout in 2013, the NHL created new divisions — divisions that seemed to be designed to accommodate expansion teams. According to some reports, those teams may be on the way soon.

The (Vancouver) Province’s Tony Gallagher said that the NHL adding a Las Vegas team is a “done deal” and that an expansion team in Seattle appears to be on track. Howard Bloom of Sports Business News reported via Twitter that four teams will be added to the NHL by 2017: Quebec City, Toronto, Seattle and Las Vegas.

The biggest name on the list, or the city that drew the most attention from 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Felger & Massarotti, was Sin City.

“I’m in favor of expansion big time. Relocation and expansion. The more I think about it, the more I really like the idea of Las Vegas,” said Felger on Friday. “It would be a bonkers sports town with limitless possibilities. I think teams in Vegas would do great. That’s what Vegas does. They have entertainment to get you out of the casino for a little bit. Which is why I think pro sports teams would do well there.

“I think the NHL is just the league to do it. In some respects I think they’ve got less to lose than other leagues. Hockey is generally not known as a big gambling sport — it’s not like football, who I think would be pretty leery of [Vegas]. The upside would be huge. It’s such a good opportunity,” concluded Felger.

“I like the idea of relocation better than expansion. But I wouldn’t completely rule out going to 32 teams to balance out the conferences,” said Mazz.

Should the NHL add more teams? Listen for the full conversation and leave us your take by voting in our poll!



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