Toucher & Rich

Mr. Skin, the man with encyclopedic knowledge of nude scenes in movies and TV, joined Toucher & Rich to discuss his list of the top 150 nude scenes of all time.

“For this top 150 nude scenes, we did it objectively,” Mr. Skin said. “We decided to do it scientifically, where we took different categories like star power, or what body parts you showed in the scene … and scene length and visual quality, the lighting. We had eight different categories, and we ranked each one 1-5, five being the best, one being the worst.”

The list includes some classics, like Phoebe Cates in “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” and Kelly Preston in “Mischief,” but also some new ones like Alexandra Daddario in “True Detective.”

Listen to the interview below to gain some serious skin knowledge and also to learn some new words like “skingy”:

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