By Beth Germano

BOSTON (CBS) – GlobalPost, the Boston-based news organization that James Foley was working for when he was captured in Syria, has released the full text of an email sent by his kidnappers last week.

In the email sent to Foley’s parents, the kidnappers say, “You were given many chances to negotiate the release of your people via cash transactions as other governments have accepted.”

A video released Tuesday by ISIS showed the beheading of Foley. The militants said it was done in retaliation for U.S. airstrikes against them in northern Iraq.

READ: Full Text Of Email On GlobalPost

The European journalists who were being held with Foley were released when ransom was paid.

Foley, 40, a New Hampshire native, was kidnapped while covering the Syrian conflict for GlobalPost and a French news agency. He was last seen on Thanksgiving Day in 2012.

The email made no demand and only threatened Foley’s execution.

“You and your citizens will pay the price of your bombings!” the kidnappers said. “The first of which being the blood of the American citizen, James Foley! He will be executed as a DIRECT result of your transgressions towards us!”

GlobalPost CEO Phil Balboni said the U.S. government was in a difficult situation. He said if it was a matter of money and he was allowed to give ransom he would have paid anything to bring Foley home safely.

Earlier Thursday, a U.S. official told the Associated Press that militants who beheaded Foley had demanded $132.5 million or 100 million Euros in ransom for his release.

The Foley family agreed to release the email and GlobalPost “chose to publish it in full in the interest of transparency and to fully tell Jim’s story.”


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