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Twice now, disturbing news has disrupted President Obama’s Vineyard vacation. First, the president returned to the White House for meetings amid the escalating tensions in Ferguson, Missouri.  Then, as he was returning to Martha’s Vineyard, the news that a New Hampshire journalist had been killed by Islamic militants broke.

President Obama spoke from the Vineyard yesterday offering condolences to James Foley’s family, denouncing the Islamic militants and promising action. But then, he returned to his vacation, playing another round of golf with friends, including former NBA star Alonzo Mourning.

Across the pond, British Prime Minister David Cameron cut his vacation in Cornwell short to lead the investigation into the Islamic militant that killed James Foley.  The terrorist in the video with Foley spoke with a British accent.  Right now, UK Intelligence officials are using voice recognition to try to identify the killer.  Cameron says mobile phone service in Cornwall is notoriously troublesome.

US House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers is calling for President Obama to end his vacation and return to Washington to deal with this situation and investigation. Should President Obama end his vacation? Or does he deserve this time off? Can he still perform his duties even when he’s away?


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