BOSTON (CBS) – Dave Belisle, the head coach of the Cumberland Americans from Rhode Island, reminded us all of the beauty of youth sports after a motivational speech to his team after a loss went viral.

After their 8-7 loss to Jackie Robinson West of the Great Lakes Region, Belisle gathered his team in the outfield of the Williamsport field and reminded them of how much they accomplished, how proud he was of them and how they have nothing to be ashamed of.

It was a touching moment, one that captured the hearts of Michael Felger and Marc Bertrand.

“It’s a great event. From a viewer’s standpoint it’s entertaining. From the kids’ standpoint it’s great to be out there on the big stage, and feel like they are Major League baseball players. It’s just an awesome event. The whole thing about it is great. In sports [the Little League World Series] is one of the best things we have going,” said Beetle. “It’s one of the best things baseball has going for itself.”

Marshall Hook does not feel the same way.

“Takenado” has a problem with the Little League World Series coverage.

“Yeah, it’s a great slice of Americana and wonderful for these people to focus right in on the crying face of the 12-year-old kid who just gave up a home run, or the 11-year-old kid who didn’t catch the ball so the other group of 12-year-olds can run around the field and be excited,” said a sarcastic Hook Tuesday afternoon.

Hook doesn’t mind the event being broadcast. He does however take issue with what he believes to be the exploitation of children’s emotions.

“My problem is ESPN likes to pretend that these 12-year-olds are Major Leaguers and like to zoom right in on the suffering of children. That’s what it is. And you know what? They’re going to be fine the next day. I get that. Except for the fact that Sportscenter will play that clip over and over again of the crying 12-year-old. It’s great for the guy who wins. It’s wonderful for that kid. But there are lots of teams that lose and ESPN’s coverage loves to focus in on that.”

Does Marshall have a point, or is he way off base? Listen below for the full debate:


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