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Consider this:

Bradley Jay: ‘What Is The Perfect Age?’ Scroll down a bit to view video responses shot on the street in Boston’s North End)

I recently found myself considering some of the experiences I have had, and the ages at which they occurred. In a rather natural way, this thought train had me wondering which age bracket I have enjoyed most, and if there is any chance the future might be as good as the past or present.

One way to find out is to ask, so I went out on the street to talk to older people and get a sense of how they are enjoying life. In the process, I included folks of all ages to get their perception of what a person’s best years are.

The question I asked is “ what is the perfect age, ” and while this gave me the desired input regarding the upper half of the human life-span, it also brought insight into how younger folks feel about their youth and what lies beyond. The unintended takeaway from this exercise is that the young are wildly out of touch with what their future holds. It seems no one has made them aware of how rewarding most of the human experience can be, and that there is much that happens between the milestones to maturity. It also became apparent that far too many intend to live out their lives by “acting their age,’ or should I say, ‘acting as the clichés instruct.’

Check out the twenty-seven year old that figures her life after thirty will necessarily be a dreary affair. The sad thing is that self-fulfilling prophecy dictates that what she sees is what she will be, and until someone shows her the possibilities, she is likely to miss out on much.

If I could pass on one thing to freshly minted adults, it would be that most age related limitations are self-made, and when someone tells you to act your age, tell them “no,” and move on.

Check out the video to see if you are surprised by the comments made regarding perceptions of age. Click here.


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