BOSTON (CBS) – Johnny Manziel had his Monday Night Football debut last night when the Cleveland Browns traveled to Washington D.C. to play the Redskins. And although it was Manziel’s first Monday night experience, it didn’t take long for him to be talked about — for all of the wrong reasons.

Manziel was caught by cameras giving the middle finger to someone on the Redskins sideline.

As a former quarterback in the NFL, 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Scott Zolak questioned Manziel’s leadership on and off of the field.

“I’m all for Johnny Manziel giving lip back and forth to guys,” said Zo. “But he can’t be flipping the bird when you are the so-called franchise of the Cleveland Browns, when they moved up to get you and cut you some slack because you were falling like Aaron Rodgers on draft day.”

Johnny Manziel has a lot on his shoulders, and the people of Cleveland are looking at him to change the Browns’ losing ways. He needs to mature quickly if he is to do well in the NFL.

“Somehow he has go to bail them out,” said Zo. “He has got to put Cleveland on the map. I like watching him play. I think he’s fun to watch. I think he brings a different element to the game — I’m open to all of that. But when you act like an a-hole, or you can’t handle yourself in a post-game press conference; you see last week? He’s almost like a chameleon, where last week they ask him questions and his recall was phenomenal. That tells me Manziel can play ball and he can get it.”

During the postgame press conference, Manziel was asked about the middle finger situation that happened on the field. Instead of a simple “no comment,” Manziel fielded the question and answered it, which Zo would have advised against.

Throughout his NFL career Zolak has been surrounded by great leaders, so he knows it when he sees it. Last night from Manziel was not that.

“That wasn’t leadership last night. That was him being an a-hole, because you were getting your ass kicked and you were frustrated.”

Clearly, Manziel needs to mature sooner rather than later. Not only has he shown immaturity on the field, he has also shown it off the field with being late to team meetings. If Manziel wants to improve, he needs to figure things out and figure things out fast.

Listen below for the full discussion with Andy Gresh:



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