PEPPERELL (CBS) – An experienced skydiver from Mattapan was killed in a skydiving accident in Pepperell Sunday morning.

Daniel Pelrine, 37, of Mattapan died in the accident at the Skydive Pepperell Center on Nashua Road, Pepperell police said.

The accident occurred  just after 11 a.m.

Police said it was unknown if Pelrine’s equipment malfunctioned but the cause of death was blunt trauma from the ground.

Pelrine was pronounced dead at the scene when medics arrived, police said.

A spokesperson from Skydive Pepperell said the parachute was open during the landing.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating with the help of  police.

Skydive Pepperell remains closed to skydiving.

Pelrine’s family said he was an iron worker in Boston and was engaged.


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