LAWRENCE (CBS) – After wasting more than $600,000 on poor quality streets repairs under former mayor William Lantigua, Lawrence on Thursday began the process of fixing those streets.

In a press conference, Lawrence Mayor Daniel Rivera expressed frustration at having to use the money on the repairs instead of paving additional streets.

The city will spend $453,000 to repairs 15 city streets that were poorly paved under the Lantigua administration, according to a city press release. Those streets were paved with weather-sensitive materials but not enough time was allowed for them to properly seal, according to the city. As a result, potholes formed on the newly-paved roads, Rivera said.

The city plans to spend another $180,000 to repave streets that were paved last year despite the city knowing they would have to be torn up later to fix water system issues.

“This poor decision-making for political gain cost the taxpayers,” the city said in a statement.

The city is using Chapter 90 funding from the state to complete the work, according to Rivera.

In total, the city says more than $630,000 was wasted under the Lantigua administration.

Rivera expressed further frustration during the press conference.

“That means the residents of Lawrence will have fewer streets repaired this year,” he said.

Rivera also acknowledged spending decisions made under the Lantigua administration were  under investigation. However, Rivera said he did not know which agency was investigating the matter. He said investigators had made inquiries with city workers.

“Today, I am calling on those investigating this matter or those who should be investigating this, to prioritize it and bring some closure to it. It is very important that people are held responsible for this. Over $600,000 has been wasted, and it appears that bidding rules were broken. Where is the legal process in this? They should be all over this, or at the very least let the public know where they are in this investigation. Currently we are in the dark,” Rivera said in the statement.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports







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