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BOSTON (CBS) – Major League Baseball team owners will place their vote on Thursday to pick the next commissioner and replace longtime headman Bud Selig, who’s been in power at the position since 1992.

They are down to three finalists: Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner, MLB Chief Operating Officer Rob Manfred and VP of Business Tim Brosnan. At this point, CSNNE’s Sean McAdam believes the race is “wide open,” but believes Werner is a longshot to receive the amount of votes needed.

The vote, which is the first contested balloting for a new commissioner in 46 years, could very well determine the course of baseball for future generations as it is seen as an “old guard vs. new guard” type of election.

Baseball is an aging sport. The TV demographic numbers prove it, and the attendance at games is further evidence. Some feel like the game is too slow and long, and anyone who’s stayed up to watch Red Sox-Yankees on Sunday Night Baseball can attest to that.

And guess what? You’re not the only one who feels that way.

Red Sox catcher David Ross joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich show to weigh in. He believes it’s up to the pitchers and catchers to control the pace of the game.

“There’s guys who work really fast. Guys like Mark Buehrle, he’s the first one to really come to mind as someone who works quicker than most. Then there’s some younger guys coming up really taking their time,” said Ross. “There was a guy yesterday for Cincinnati, I think there was a bad call and he walked almost all the way to second base in between pitches.”

Ross said the idea of a pitch clock “might be okay,” but admitted he’d have no idea how much time to set it at. When pitchers and catchers do work fast, Ross believes it helps out the entire team.

“It helps a lot. It does help a lot. The pace of game is huge for everybody. It’s huge for fans, for players and for TV. I think the pace of the game is a big deal. When the game slows down and guys are methodical it’s just kind of a boring game. I don’t even like to watch it on the bench if it’s taking a long time.”

Listen below for the full interview, including the hitting struggles of Jackie Bradley, David Ortiz’s fielding acumen at first base in interleague games and much more:


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