BOSTON (CBS) – Every night on 98.5 The Sports Hub, Adam Jones and Rich Keefe take a break from the hard-hitting, hot takes sport segments to bring us the lighter, often crazier parts of the news in a nightly feature called Keefer Madness.

Keefer Madness often explores the Animal Kingdom — and that was the case Tuesday night on the latest edition.

We know it’s Shark Week, but how can you talk about sharks when a vicious groundhog is on the loose?

This is not the first time “animals attacking humans” has been in the news on Keefer Madness. On Monday night, we heard the tale of an alligator vs. nine-year-old, and previously we’ve seen human run-ins with deadly beavers and otters.

This next story takes us to a small town in Mississippi, where Punxsutawney Phil’s evil twin is raining fury upon it’s inhabitants.

Listen below as Rich Keefe investigates!


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