BOSTON (CBS) – It’s not your typical classroom. They’re not your typical teachers. It’s where you go after failing all year. It’s Gresh and Zo’s NFL Summer School on 98.5 The Sports Hub!

The summer school tour rolls on and heads to the Motor City, where Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak break down and preview the upcoming 2014 season for the Detroit Lions.

Taking Attendance:

The Detroit Lions have a new coach heading into the 2014 season after firing Jim Schwartz. Jim Caldwell is now the man in charge of the Lions.

The Lions also signed wide receiver Golden Tate and safety James Ihedigbo through free agency. They also re-signed tight end Brandon Pettigrew and drafted tight end Eric Ebron.

Gresh: “The biggest issue that Jim Caldwell has walking in the door is to get them to play with discipline, and I don’t think that process happens overnight. It’s hard to get rid of those kind of habits. And they can bring in all of the different people they want, but do they have people who will play the game the right way, so they don’t put themselves in bad positions?”

Zolak: “Can they mature? I just don’t know if they can. I think that nucleus and the way their DNA is, that’s their make-up. They think they are bad-asses, they think they are the Raiders of 20 years ago and they could throw it all over the lot. If Stafford can continue to move the sticks and stay healthy, he’s going to put up a ton of yards.”

Pop Quiz:

Can Matthew Stafford win a Super Bowl? If not, what’s his peak level?

Gresh: “I think he can win a Super Bowl. I think he is a Super Bowl quarterback. We forget, he’s just 26 years old.”

Zolak: “I think he’s pretty accurate. I think the ball comes out of his hand in a quick fashion, which helps him. But he’s not an elite guy.”

Fantasy 101:

Is Calvin Johnson the surefire no. 1 receiver this year?

Gresh: “You know what? I’m only going to say yes because I don’t want texters to start yelling  at me. He’s no. 1 or no. 2.”

Zolak: “I’ll say no, so they can yell at me.”

How early do you look to draft Reggie Bush?

Gresh: “It depends on your league. Reggie Bush might slide up or down based the way on your league is set up.”

Final Grade:

Last year the Lions went 7-9. They went 4-12 the year before that. Vegas has set the over/under at 8.5 wins.  Where do they finish and do they make the playoffs?

Gresh: “They are over 8.5. But they don’t make they playoffs.”

Zolak: “Green Bay wins the division and Bears get the wildcard. I got them 8-8. They have a tough schedule.”

Listen below for your full education!



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