HINGHAM (CBS) – A family’s four-legged friend is back home safe after an adventure at sea.

Tuukka, a 10-pound black poodle mix, was out for a boat ride in the outer Hingham Harbor with the Karsch family Saturday when they hit a wave and he bounced out.

Gillian Karsch’s adorable furry companion found himself furiously dog paddling while the family searched frantically and contacted the Weymouth, Hingham and Hull harbor masters.

Despite their panicked efforts to find him, Tuukka was nowhere to be found at sea.

Then fate intervened.

Charlie Connors was out in a boat with his dad when they spotted Tuukka.

“His nose was barely above the water and he was really cold,” Connors said.

“When we got close to the dog he started swimming right at us and my dad he leaned over the boat and just picked him up with one hand,” Connors said. “He was so happy just to be out of the water.”

It was a save that Tuukka’s namesake, Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask, would be proud of.

And thanks to Tuukka’s Bruins dog tag, the Connors were able to locate his owner.

“It feels really good,” said Charlie. “It was nice knowing I did something good for the day.”

Karsch was impressed by her champion dog paddler.

“He’s a strong little guy,” she said. “Only 10 pounds but he swam for his life the first time he ever swam. He’s resilient.”

Karsch said she plans to reach out to the Connors family and offer them some well-deserved Bruins tickets.



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