By Joe Shortsleeve, WBZ-TV chief correspondent

WOBURN (CBS) – Forty-two-year-old Robert Haught of Maryland is facing a long list of serious charges including attempted murder. He was arraigned Tuesday in Woburn District Court.

Police say he was behind the wheel of a minivan speeding through the streets of Burlington Monday night when he rammed a cruiser, tried to run down an officer and hit two other cars, eventually crashing into a telephone pole.

It all started at the Burlington Mall. A police officer noticed a minivan sitting in a handicapped spot. The officer noticed credit cards and high-end merchandise and when he ran the plates, they came back stolen.

Authorities say that’s when Haught suddenly jumped in the vehicle and sped away at 80 mph.  At one point, police say, he was going northbound in a southbound lane and heading straight at Burlington police Officer Scott Lauder who fired two shots.

Chief Michael Kent says his officer did the right thing.

“He took safety into account. The vehicle was close when he discharged his weapon. I am confident when we issue a search warrant we will find both rounds in that vehicle.”

After the gunfire, Haught rear- ended a BMW. He then slammed head on into a Prius. The drivers of both cars were OK Tuesday night.

Haught was arrested after a foot chase.

Chief Kent suspects this is all may be related to credit card fraud.

“We find that it is very organized. Suspects will come from out of state in an attempt to perpetrate the crime in Burlington. It is a very serious problem.”

The judge ordered the Maryland man held without bail while additional charges are considered.



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