BOSTON (CBS) – It’s not your typical classroom. They’re not your typical teachers. It’s where you go after failing all year. It’s Gresh and Zo’s NFL Summer School on 98.5 The Sports Hub!

The summer school tour rolls on and heads to the NFC North, where Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak break down and preview the upcoming 2014 season for the Green Bay Packers.

Taking Attendance:

Wide receiver James Jones, offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith, safety M.D. Jennings all left via free agency and running back Jonathan Franklin called it a career.

The Packers did sign Julius Peppers and drafted Ha Ha Clinton Dix out of Alabama.

Zolak: “This guy Dix is going to be interesting. They have issues defensively. That’s the big thing with them. They picked up Julius Peppers. That’s big. He’s a guy you have to worry about.”

Gresh: “Yeah but what does [Peppers] have left? What’s he got left? Ha Ha Clinton Dix has the chance to walk in and start right away. Look, it’s real simple. If Green Bay stays healthy they have the chance to be right up there with Seattle and San Francisco because they have arguably the best guy going in the game in Aaron Rodgers.”

Pop Quiz:

You’re starting a team today. You have to factor in age, contract, injury history — everything. Where do you take Aaron Rodgers in a hypothetical draft of quarterbacks?

Zolak: “You take Rodgers second and you take Andrew Luck first. If you want to factor everything in.”

Gresh: “If I’m a head coach and I need to win in the next three years I’m taking Aaron Rodgers. If I have a five to seven year window I’m gonna go Andrew Luck. While Luck isn’t right there with Rodgers just yet, I think he will be.”

Fantasy 101:

Does Eddie Lacy crack the top five in fantasy running backs this year? (finished sixth in 2013)

Gresh: “Oh yeah. I think so. He’s the real deal. They need the running game, and they realized that last year with all those guys going down. Mike McCarty knows he has to run the ball.”

Zolak: “He’s got an edge to him. Eddie Lacy carried his college production over to the next level. I never thought he would run with that same type of anger in the NFL that he did in the SEC.”

You can draft one wide receiver on the Packers. Are you taking Jordy Nelson or Randall Cobb?

Gresh: “Jordy Nelson. He’s going to compile many more points than Randall Cobb, even though Cobb is the big play guy. Jordy Nelson has the chance to catch 100 balls.”

Zolak: “Nelson has shown the ability to go down the field. He can go deep, catch the corner, go over the middle, the out, the deep comeback — I think Aaron Rodgers totally trusts this guy. He runs every route great. I’ll take Nelson.”

Final Grade:

Last year the Packers went 8-7-1. Year before that? 11-5. Vegas has set the over/under at 11.5 wins. Where do they finish and do they make the playoffs?

Zolak: “If you look at their schedule they are a 10 or 11 win team. So I’ve got to go under, and I think they get in. I think they may win the NFC North with 11 games.”

Gresh: “What do you have in Detroit? What do you have in Chicago? I think they are going over 11 and I think they win the division.”

Listen below:


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