BOSTON (CBS) – On the latest edition of The Golf Club, Hardy gets a lesson from Stuart Cady, learns about a new golf tour and even chats with the creators of a new golf ball.

But first, golfer and analyst Sir Nick Faldo joined the program.

Faldo is down in Valhalla for the PGA Championship as a part of the CBS broadcast team, and says the course remains the same as it was during his stellar, six Major Championship-winning career.

Faldo made headlines recently by saying Tiger Woods needs to change his swing in order to prolong his career, suggesting he copy Adam Scott’s approach.

He clarified his comments with Hardy on The Golf Club.

“If you’re gonna copy anybody, Scott is not a bad guy to copy. Adam has got basically a textbook swing and has a couple of moves he does really well. Adam Scott is so balanced,” said Faldo. “That was my observation. As we know, Tiger was contorting his body a lot last week (at Bridgestone), so that was really what I was referring to. I wouldn’t deem it as criticism, more of a constructive observation.”

Faldo was known on the tour as someone with a relentless work ethic, someone who practiced and practiced until he got it right. With all the technology out there these days, Hardy wondered aloud if it’s too much of a good thing.

Listen below for the full interview!

Next up was Ken Bichara and Dave Bonina, two local guys and co-owners of Monsta Golf, or as Hardy jokingly puts it: “A couple more lunatics who have decided, ‘Hey! I’m going to make my own golf ball!'”

You’ve heard all the golf ball brand names before: Nike, Top Flite, Titleist, Callaway, Taylor Made, etc, etc. But there are more, albeit lesser-known options out there. Options that are just as good (if not better) at an affordable price.

Bichara and Bonina set out to create a performance golf ball that the average Joe could afford and not fret losing in the woods. They launched just weeks ago and told Hardy everything there is to know about their new product.

Listen below!

In an effort to improve our game, Hardy met up with the golf pro at Renaissance Golf Club for a lesson.

Stuart Cady has been the head golf pro at Renaissance up in Haverhill since 2012, and on the latest edition of The Golf Club he shared with us valuable tips on the mental aspect of the game.

“Everybody is scared of the big number, so you try not to make a bad swing or hit a bad shot,” said Cady. “More times than not that is going to lead to a shot you’re not happy with. So go out there and try and hit a perfect shot. It might not end up being perfect, but if you have a confident swing and pick your target — you hear Rory McIlroy talk about ‘process and spot’ — if you pick your target, make a confident swing at that target and try to hit an awesome shot, chances are you’re gonna hit a shot you’re happy with. Whereas most people make defensive swings, and that’s when bad things happen.”

Listen below for the full lesson, including the physical aspect of golf:

The creator of the Synergy Golf Tour was the final guest of the show.

What is the Synergy Golf Tour? Nobody knows, including Hardy, so he had on brainchild Michael Melchione to describe what it is.

Synergy will be launching soon, and it’s a traveling tournament of players representing each city, squaring off against another city in a match play format. It’s very different, but actually sounds kind of promising.

Listen below to find out more!



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