By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

PLUM ISLAND (CBS) – Colette Crooks is only 10 years old but her quick thinking saved a four-year-old boy when she found him floating face up in the waters of Plum Island.

Colette says she and a friend were collecting hermit crabs on Sandy Point Beach when they met up with a four-year-old boy named Cash and his older cousin Jack. At some point during this time Cash walked into the water.

“He was just lying there on his back head up his arms out and two toys in his hands. His face was blue and he was foaming out of mouth and nose. I picked him up and screamed help,” Colette said.

Colette’s mother came running. “My daughter is holding lifeless little Cash in her arms,” Colette’s mother Seiglinde Aigner-Crooks said.

Moments later Cash starting coughing and spitting up water. Fortunately he starting breathing again.

Emergency personal arrived moments later and took Cash to the hospital. “I feel happy he is still alive because he was such a sweet little boy. I feel good about what I did,” Colette said.



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