By Kate Merrill, WBZ-TVBy Kate Merrill

EVERETT (CBS) – At the Keverian School in Everett, they are trying something new and it has the second graders’ attention.

It’s called the Fable and it’s a tablet made for kids.

They are a pilot program for the new technology that was made by a local company Isabella Products in Concord.

“What we felt iTunes was missing was great literature, actual books. They have more of an application culture,” Isabella’s founder, Matthew Growney, told WBZ-TV.

So, he created the Fable, a secure tablet for kids or other groups typically left out of the tablet game, like seniors and small businesses.

There are thousands of titles that can be downloaded that are not available on other providers.

“What’s nice about this tablet is it’s affordable, so we’re trying to bridge the gap between tech and education,” said Isbella’s Nancy Hamilton.

At $99, the Fable is more affordable for schools and its durable and less likely to break.

They are testing it in Everett and so far, so good.

Furnell McGrath, the teacher involved in the pilot program, said “They are so engaged because it’s such a treat. I feel they come to school every day because they want these.”

McGrath says using the technology is good for the class and for her. She says it makes her job easier and she hopes to have them in the class long-term.

The Fable is getting high marks in class, but the company says they can really go much further.

Nancy says “I think they can go anywhere, homes, libraries, it can go into classrooms all over the world.”

A local company hoping to make its mark and take on the big boys in the tech world, one class at a time.



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