BOSTON (CBS) – Fried clams are just a part of summer in New England.

Erich Roht does a big business at a small clam shack on the North River of Marshfield. On Tuesday night, he had so many customers that he ran out of fried clams.

This summer, Roht has seen the wholesale cost of his clams jump more than 50%. He’s determined not to raise his prices just yet.

“We just don’t. We just don’t raise our prices. We keep it at the same price all summer long. Maybe we’ll make a little bit more margin in the early summer and certainly a lot less in the backside of the summer,” said Roht.

This summer, storms have periodically shut down a lot of clam beds.

“When you have fresh water, and it stays on the edge of the ocean, they close down the clam beds,” said Jack Daily, owner of the Hingham Lobster Pound.

Daily was paying $84 per gallon for his clams in spring. Now, the cost has increased to $146.

“We’re grinning and bearing it now. They just went up again,” added Daily.

Daily hasn’t raised his prices yet either. But even if he does, many New Englanders will still shell out big bucks for fried clams.

Dennis Connors, a customer, said “We all have to expect to pay a little bit more to get what we want. I don’t mind paying a little bit more.”

“New Englanders are expected to eat fried clams in the summer.”



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