BOSTON (CBS) – Former NFL veteran and Sports Hub personality Jermaine Wiggins has an opinion on everything, so when he’s in studio Wednesday afternoons with Felger & Mazz, they have a number of questions at their disposal and ready to go for him to answer.

Here are the questions on the latest segment of 10 Questions With Wiggy:

10. There is a headline on right now that says, “Meet the NFL’s next great coach,” with a picture of Seattle defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. In your opinion, who is the NFL’s next great head coach?

9. Should the PGA Championship allow Tiger to play this week?

8. Biogenesis owner Anthony Bosch was arrested down in Florida for his part in a performance enhancing drugs ring, and reportedly there will be more names released of athletes mixed up in the scandal. More names. More suspensions. Let’s speculate without directly accusing someone of PED use. Who would you not be surprised to find is still mixed up with this guy?

7.  A couple of Black Sports Online items: Some good back-and-forth between Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy, with cheating allegations and their engagement being called off. What are your sources on the street telling you about that situation, and more importantly. . . Nicole Murphy. Does she qualify as chocolate and thick?

6. With Ryan Mallett allegedly “popping” this week according to the NFL Network’s Mike Mayock, I ask you: who is the best backup QB you ever played with in your career?

5. Wiggy Word on the Street: “Power is off the chain, fifty brought it wit this 1. Ghost & Tommy I know sumtin gonna pop!!!” Please translate.

4. If you could have one tight end in football, who would it be?

3. Black Sports Online #2: Have you seen this back and forth between Adam “Pacman” Jones and Ludacris? Headline: “Pacman Jones threatens to beat up Ludacris over neck brace IG photo.” Why is Ludacris ragging on Pacman for his neck injury in the first place?

2. How do you feel about the San Antonio Spurs hiring the first female assistant coach this week?

1. What would you rather watch: preseason football or U.S. World Cup soccer?

Listen to hear his answers and leave us yours in the comments section below!



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