By Bill Shields

NEW BEDFORD (CBS) – The daughter of Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson was arrested near a shooting scene in New Bedford Saturday night.

Michelle Hodgson, 29, appeared in court Tuesday, charged with interfering with a police officer.

On Saturday night, outside Jalice Café, a brawl turned into a shootout with seven people wounded.

“Michelle did nothing wrong that night,” her attorney Scott DeMello said outside court Tuesday. “She’s very confident that once the facts come out, that she will be completely exonerated.”

Michelle Hodgson was an onlooker, but when a police officer tried to move her and a friend out of the way, words were exchanged and Hodgson was arrested.

According to the police report, she told the officer, “Do you know the sheriff is my father? What is your badge number? I’ll have your job.”

Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson. (WBZ-TV)

Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson. (WBZ-TV)

Sheriff Hodgson is confident his daughter will prevail in court.

“I’m convinced and I have every faith in the court system, in our justice system that she will absolutely be exonerated when the facts are brought out,” Sheriff Hodgson said.

The New Bedford Police Chief has started an internal review of the arrest.



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