BOSTON (CBS) — Rich Keefe is out to make sure we’re all safe when we step into nature.

He’s warned us about not one, but two different beaver attacks over the summer, and he has another animal to add to the ferocious predator list.

This time, it’s a North American river otter who is taking aim at the human race. An Otter in Washington state put a little boy and his grandmother in the hospital, and that same otter is believed to be responsible for attacking another man.

“The cute little otter wasn’t very cute,” Radek Bazant told Q13Fox in Washington.

The otter in question popped the man’s raft and then attacked him underwater as he swam away.

The North American river otter can grow to be 21-31 lbs, much smaller than it’s beaver counterpart, notes Keefe.

“Here is the thing about beavers, they can run you up to 60 pounds. So that’s twice the creature you’re dealing with,” he said. “A beaver can live to be 24 in the wild — not a bad little run at it. The North American river otter: Eight to nine years. If we’re talking about this otter he’s on his way out as it is.”

So that begs the question, which should we fear more? The otter or the beaver?

“I’m still going with the beaver, but keep your head on a swivel if you’re on a river or lake this summer. Because they’ll get you,” said Keefe. “And add another to the list; if you’re not already living in fear, add the otter to the list.”



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