BOSTON (CBS) — It was a “Buy or Sell” Monday on The Adam Jones Show’s Game Of Jones.

With Rich Keefe filling in for Jones, here are the topics he had to tackle:

Buy or Sell: Rajon Rondo and Marcus Smart both finish the year with the Celtics?

“I’m going to sell that, because I still think Rondo gets traded,” said Keefe, noting the reported Cavs-Wolves “handshake” trade for Kevin Love. “I’m a Rondo guy and I know there are few of them in this town, but he’s going to be somewhere else. Theyre going to move on from him, and Marcus Smart should be a PG. Let him be the point guard and trade Rondo, and try to get the most return you can for a guy who is going to be a FA at the end of the year.”

– Buy or Sell: Paul George’s injury will cause the Pacers to become sellers?

“I’m going to sell the sellers aspect. It’s a huge loss, but it’s still the Eastern Conference,” said Keefe. “The East isn’t as bad, because they gained another team. The Heat aren’t as good, but they’re still a playoff team. Cleveland is now very good. But you go down the list, Indy falls away from being a contender, but Brooklyn, New York, Charlotte — they’re not that good. We’ll see if Indiana can get creative and add some pieces there, but they’ll go forward with Hibbert, Hill and West, and that might be enough to be a playoff team.”

Buy or Sell: The Red Sox will make a legitimate push to sign Jon Lester?

“Still selling,” said Keefe. “Do I think they’ll at least offer Lester a contract? Yes I do. But I think they’re going to really put his hometown discount to the test. They might wait and see what the Yankees, Dodgers, whatever those teams offer and then get [their offer] up there, but one they don’t expect him to take.”

Buy or Sell: Rob Gronkowski will play Week 1?

“I’m going to buy it. They didn’t put him on the PUP list, and I understand they didn’t put him on the PUP list last year and he missed six games,” said Keefe. “He’s not doing contact drills and he’s not down in Richmond to square off against the Redskins, but this is just Week 1 of the preseason and he’s already been out there with the team. You have another month to get ready… so I will buy him playing Week 1.”

Buy or Sell: Tom Brady will throw 30+ touchdowns this year?

“He had 25 last year, the lowest he’s had since 2006. So I’ll take the over,” said Keefe. “I don’t think he’ll smash the over, I don’t think Peyton Manning’s new record is in any kind of jeopardy. But I think he can hit the low 30’s this year. You look at last year, all the games he played without Gronk and not being on the same page as some of the receivers. You just have to hope another year with Thompkins, maybe Dobson, if Amendola gives you a little more, and if Gronk plays more than half the games, right there that’ll increase you touchdown total. I’ll say he throws for over 30, but it’s close.”


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