TEWKSBURY (CBS) – Market Basket officials have decided to let employees who want to apply for internal positions do so by email rather than requiring them to attend a job fair.

The supermarket chain began a three-day job fair Monday at its Andover facility, but there are safety concerns in the midst of a worker revolt.

Company CEOs said in a statement this afternoon  they wanted workers to have an opportunity to apply “without fear of intimidation and harassment.”

Market Basket employees have been protesting the ouster of CEO Arthur T. DeMoulas and vowing not to return to work until he is reinstated.

The company set a deadline of Monday for workers to return or lose their jobs.

In full-page ads taken out last week in local newspapers, the company said it’s looking for store directors, assistant directors, grocery buyers, perishable buyers and accountants.

In a statement released just after 2 p.m. Monday, company CEOs said:

“We have heard from many associates who are interested in applying for internal positons, but are concerned for their safety if they attend the scheduled Job Fair. In response to their concerns, we are making available an email address to which associates can apply. Any associate interested should send a copy of their resume to jobfair2014@demoulasmarketbasket.com.”

The statement adds that the company understands “this statement will likely generate incoming email not appropriate for this purpose.”

Workers protesting outside the Andover facility called the company’s statement a PR statement.

Some questioned how many people would apply for jobs.

“They may have a few people that have been living under rocks and haven’t been following what’s going on. People that are scared maybe,” said worker Rosie Hagopian.

Workers booed cars coming in and out of the Andover facility but said any applicants who do show up for the job fair have no reason to fear for their safety.

“You can ask the officers over in Tewksbury. We’re a bunch of pussycats,” said Thayer Eastman, one of the protesting workers. “We might be loud but we just want to make sure that our voices are heard and that our opinions count.”



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