BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Red Sox fans are upset about the possible trade of Jon Lester.

“I wouldn’t do it, I wouldn’t trade Lester,” said one fan outside of Fenway Park.

To some fans,losing Jon Lesterwould feel like salt in the wound.

Lester was pulled from the line of Wednesday’s game.

“I can see the reasons why, but he’s been such a good player, such a good citizen for the fans and everything. It’d be disappointing,” said another fan.

Other’s said they would not be sad to see Lester go.

“Well, not really I guess. I think he’s done us well but maybe it’s time,” said another fan.

Others don’t care whether Lester is traded.

“I don’t know, I could care less about the pitching staff,” said a young female fan.

Other fans, at least think more strategically.

“Hate to get rid of him but he’s going to be a free agent next year so you might as well get something for him when you can,” said another fan.

“I have to hope they can get some good picks, good future players, and then maybe try to re-sign him. that’d be the best of both worlds. I don’t know once you’re out of the gate, I think you’re gone,” said one hopeful fan.

The trade deadline is 4 p.m. on Thursday.



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