BOSTON (CBS) – Ousted Market Basket CEO Arthur T. DeMoulas remains one of several people who has offered to buy the company, according to a spokesman for the board of directors.

“As the board has previously noted, it is currently engaged in a rigorous and active process to consider strategic alternatives for the company, including its possible sale. Despite reports to the contrary, Arthur T. Demoulas is but one of several potential buyers for the company who continue to express a strong interest in purchasing the company,” the statement said.

The statement comes in the wake of a recent report that Arthur T. DeMoulas’s offer was the sole remaining offer. His offer comes during the second week of the company’s workers protesting DeMoulas’s ouster. Workers have said they will not work for anybody other than Arthur T. DeMoulas.

“While Mr. Demoulas’ offer provides a path toward solving many of the problems he has helped to create, it is but one alternative among the options the board is reviewing. The board will continue to evaluate all of the alternatives and ultimately make its recommendation to shareholders. However, the board has no authority or right to force shareholders to accept an offer as that decision rests solely with the company’s shareholders.”

The statement comes as customers continued to shop at stores but many shelves remain unstocked.

“It’s not easy for me and my wife,” said customer Emerson Olivar referring to having to pay higher prices at other stores.

Employees hope the battle is settled soon.

“We hope everything is settled tomorrow,” said employee Edwin Segovia.


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