The Adam Jones Show

BOSTON (CBS) — It was a Fill In The Blank Friday on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s The Adam Jones Show.

Here are the blanks that Jones had to fill in on the latest edition of Game Of Jones. Play along and listen below:

– Tom Brady will play for _____ more seasons.

“I still think four is the right numbers. I think he’s going to play out this contract. How high of a level will he play at in those season, I’m not sure. This year I’m sold he’s going to be good enough to win a Super Bowl,” said Jones.

– The biggest name traded at the MLB trade deadline will be _____.

For awhile it was going to be David Price… but let me give you another one. How about Jon Lester,” said Jones. “If the Red Sox aren’t sold they’re going to keep him, they should be listening.”

– The starting shortstop of the Red Sox in 2015 will be _____.

I’d love to say it’s going to be Troy Tulowitzki. For now, I’ll say Deven Marrero, which is kind of lame and a cop-out… They don’t want to give Bogaerts an opportunity this year, so why would they give it to him next year?”

– If you were commissioner Roger Goodell, you would suspend Ray Rice for _____ games.

“A season. Honestly, if you’re kicking our guys for smoking weed for a full season, and I get that’s in the CBA and out of Goodell’s hands, but that makes the Rice suspension even more pathetic,” said Jones. “Something like domestic violence, and I get that no one was there that night and his wife was defensive of Ray Rice and swayed Goodell, but I can’t get on board with that suspension. A year would be about right for anyone who knocks out his girlfriend or any woman for that matter, but Roger Goodell didn’t want to do that.”

– The Hall of Fame Ceremony you would want to attend the most is _____.

“I still think it’s baseball and going to Cooperstown,” said Jones. “It is just a cool town when you drive up there. It doesn’t feel like the game was created there, but it feels like you go back in time. It truly feels like a museum.”



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